Social media has opened the gateway for everyday people to build a following and influence. Fashion and beauty brands are seeking new ways to reach and engage their customers online and customers want to connect with everyday people for inspiration, news and reviews on their favourite clothing and products. FBI Style is a platform that connects these three segments featuring top brand ambassadors, fashion stylists, makeup artists and the range of clothing, shoes, hair and makeup that they use to inspire the styles they create.


Fashion stylists, hair stylists and makeup artists are key players when it comes to translating who you are to the world, through style. This is why FBI Style follows stylists and artists behind-the scenes to capture the inspiration and insights for their creations. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers as well as brand ambassador’s and online influencers are also critical in bringing engaging content to our readers through their own fashion and beauty lens.

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FBI Style is for the style-wise woman seeking ways to express herself through clothing, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup. Her idea of style knows no trends, borders or boundaries; it’s not held to any seasons, sizes, colours, prices or materials. It looks good, and that’s all she knows.