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10 Black-owned restaurants in the GTA you need to try right now

10 Black-owned restaurants in the GTA you need to try right now

Everyone has been searching for their own way to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Donating, signing petitions, demanding change from your city councilor, sharing resources, protesting, reflecting, and having hard conversations about human rights issues– are all great ways to do it. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Black culture and cuisine while supporting your city’s Black businesses and communities, here are 10 Black-Owned Restaurants that you need to try!

  1. African Palace

977 Bloor Steet West, Toronto

African Palace is my favorite Ethiopian and Eritrean spot in Toronto, and one that you need to try. You can find them at Uber Eats or visit their restaurant. I am a big fan of the vegetarian platters and the samosas! Traditionally eaten with your hands and handmade injera, a flatbread used to accompany most meals, this restaurant makes dishes that truly offer a unique culinary experience.

  1. Istar Restaurant

235 Dixon Road Unit 13 

If you’ve never tried Somali food before, this is the perfect introduction to it! Istar takes fusion cuisine to a new level as they expertly blend dishes you already know and love with traditional Somali flavours. The restaurant is open 24/7, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which you can order via Skip the Dishes, Doordash, or good old-fashioned takeout.


  1. Afro Continental Bar & Grill

849 Albion Rd, Etobicoke, M9V 1A3

Afro Continental Bar & Grill is serving out-of-this-world traditional Ghanian cuisine. Some fan favourites are their Spinach Stewas, the weel-known Konkonte, and the Waakye. They are serving up a taste of Africa that can’t be beaten. You can find them available for takeout every day on Skip the Dishes or at their location.  


  1. Congo Coffee & Mikate House

371 Front Street West

This cafe is one of my favorites for coffee and of course, their specialty, mikate (aka beignets). A traditional dessert in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other parts of Africa, mikate are delicious golden pastries with a round shape and powdered sugar on top. You can eat them by themselves or pair them with toppings like violet syrup or Nutella. I personally enjoy them with a cup of their high-quality coffee, with beans that are also sourced in the DRC. 

Photo: @coffeeandmikate Instagram

  1. Pam’s Roti

1089 Bloor Street West

Pam’s Roti has long been recognized as a must-try in Bloordale, having been featured by notable sources like Now Magazine and BlogTO. They offer takeout and delivery so you can take the Caribbean to your own home, with home-style Samosas and Roti to die for.

Photo by Jesse Milns (BlogTO)

  1. Allwyn’s Bakery

404 Queen St. W.

Famously known for their jerk chicken, Allwyn’s knows how to serve up an amazing dish, at an even more amazing price. Their patties and coco bread are filled with Jamaican flavors and traditions. You can find them on Uber Eats, or at their Queen Street location. I’ve personally enjoyed the jerk chicken sandwich, with it’s bursting flavours, hint of spice, and deliciously soft coco bread.

  1. The Suya Spot

10-12 Bradstock Rd, Toronto, M9M.

A widely known African BBQ place in Toronto, The Suya Spot has multiple locations (Ottawa and Scarborough) for a reason. Their specialty, the Suya, is a popular skewer dish in West Africa, that is made by allowing the meat to marinate for 24 hours and then grilling it over an open flame till it reaches its amazing golden finish. You can find them in Uber Eats, order from their website, or grab takeout.

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  1. Boukan

452 Kingston Rd, Toronto M4L 1V3

Boukan is a Creole word for “campfire”, it is also a traditional way of cooking in Haiti, where people used to gather for parties and enjoy good food. Their chef, Marc Elie, is well known for his original touch and passion for food, which he took to MasterChef Canada. Their plantains and fritays will satisfy all of your salty cravings…yum!


  1. Noor Pizza

260 Parliament St, Toronto, M5A 3A4

(416) 925-6865

You have not lived until you’ve tried Noor’s Ethiopian-inspired pizzas. They also have a  wide selection of traditional Ethiopian dishes in case pizza isn’t your thing. Grab a slice, or a whole pie for takeout to your home while supporting a small business.

  1. Benin Cafe

359 Albion Road, Etobicoke, M9W 3P3 

This home-style Nigerian cafeteria will open your doors to a whole new culinary world. You can visit the cafe for takeout, or order online from their website to try out delightful dishes like pepper soup and stew. They have traditional Igbo (Nigerian ethnic group) dishes you don’t see very often, definitely a must-try.


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