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3 Ways To Celebrate National Singles Day

3 Ways To Celebrate National Singles Day

Being single is an amazing way to get to know yourself better and to focus on your own individual growth. It can also be really fun to do activities you like and not have to answer to anyone, share the remote or compromise on who gets the better side of the bed! Here are the top 3 ways in which you can celebrate being single: 

  1. Spoil yourself

Find things you enjoy doing for yourself like a fun new workout routine, cooking, reading, listening to podcasts, buy some plants or book a beauty treatment or massage – make yourself feel special, you deserve it!

  1. Cherish your friendships and family

Invest more time in your relationships with friends and family. They are a great support system that needs to be nurtured regardless of your dating status. Plan fun activities to enjoy with them and communicate often. In addition, put yourself out there and try to extend your social circle. 

  1. Focus on your own growth

Think about what you would like to work on and improve about yourself. Maybe it’s career-related, volunteering, or learning a second language. Do things that inspire and bring you joy. This will help you reach your goals and build confidence.

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Being single feels different for everyone and there are so many ways to embrace it just by enjoying where you are in life right now. These days, there are so many different types of relationships and it can be “complicated”. The best thing to do is find things that you enjoy and take the time to get to know yourself. Eventually, you will discover what is right for you.  

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