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5 Great Podcasts to Listen to This Summer

5 Great Podcasts to Listen to This Summer

The summer offers an endless number of opportunities to listen to new podcasts. Whether you’re at the beach, around the pool, on a car ride or at the park, you can always take some time to listen to a really good podcast. Because podcasts are so popular these days, there are a lot of options to choose from depending on what type of content you want to listen to.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 5 great podcasts for you to listen to this summer, no matter what you want to listen to!


1- Graves to Gardens podcast

Starting off the list, it’s the Graves to Gardens podcast. A personal favourite, this podcast is perfect if you want to learn more about topics that you usually wouldn’t think of. Both educational and entertaining, the host, Rashida, makes sure she has a variety of very interesting guests to talk about the relationship between arts and incarceration. 

Besides, she offers a different perspective that crosses the barrier of prejudice against people in prison, talking to people who work in prison and former convicts, humanizing them and giving them a platform to talk about how the arts changed their lives in many ways. As much as this podcast initially doesn’t catch your attention for its topic, it’s definitely worth giving it a try. Not to mention, Rashida will make you fall in love with the cause!  


2- Free Space podcast

Mental health doesn’t give a rest. So if you need to listen to a podcast that will help you embrace your emotions and take care of yourself, Free Space podcast is perfect for you. The host, Shernelle, always comes with a great mood and treats her listeners as close friends when talking about different topics involving mental health.

Listening to her podcast, you can expect episodes on self-care, embracing your health, balancing your life, therapy, and so much more. Summer is also about taking care of yourself (including your mind), so hop on Shernelle’s podcast and feel better about yourself all summer long.


3- The Brazilian point of view podcast

For a lot of people, summer equals traveling. So if you’re one of these people, a podcast you must listen to is The Brazilian point of view. Focused on travel and culture, the podcast has many episodes on different countries and cities around the world. 

With guests also from all around the world, they’re always giving the 101 on the place they’re from or that they’ve lived or are living at currently. And there’s nothing better than getting to know a place with tips from a local, right? So hop on this podcast and get all the tips on food, behavior, do’s and don’ts, safety, and much more from countries and big cities in the world!


4- The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast

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This is probably the most well-known among the listed podcasts, but it’s worth the mention. The Skinny Confidential is a favourite of many and after listening to one episode, it’s quite obvious why. With amazing guests giving health tips, you’ll be set for the summer!

And because the hosts Lauryn and Michael are married, they have a great dynamic as co-hosts of the podcast, which makes the episodes way more fun! Also, they have all kinds of episodes, so you will always find something suitable for you and that you’ll take as a tip for life!


5- Optimal Living Daily

If you think the usual podcast episodes are too long, try out Optimal Living Day for the summer. With short and quick daily episodes, you will be able to optimize daily life with productivity and personal development tips. Plus, the episodes are around 10 minutes long, which is just the perfect length of episode to listen to right after you wake up to start your day on a positive note!


There are many types of podcasts out there to enjoy your summer. Whether you want to get tips, learn more, embrace your hot girl summer vibe or improve yourself for the following season, you’ll be able to find yourself in these five amazing podcasts. We hope we helped you find your next favourite pod of the season!

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