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5 Inspiring Influencers to Help You Reach Your Summer Fitness Goals

5 Inspiring Influencers to Help You Reach Your Summer Fitness Goals

5 Inspiring Influencers

It’s finally summer and life after COVID-19 is looking bright. The main focus now is making fun plans, like going to the beach, pool parties, walking around the park and the city, picnics, rooftops, and many other fun summer activities. However, as summer implies hot weather and less clothing, it might also mean changing your lifestyle to reach your summer fitness goals.

For that reason, FBI STYLE has selected 5 inspiring female fitness influencers to help you reach your summer fitness goals, whether it is to have a healthy body, healthy lifestyle, or have fun working out. Besides, everyone knows the trendy and popular Chloe Ting, MadFit, Melissa Wood Health, Sydney Cummins, but have you ever heard of these amazing fitness influencers?

Jane Simmons 

Image by Jane Simmons via Movement and Mindset 

Who: Jane Simmons is a certified personal trainer based in New York City, who owns a workout program named Movement & Mindset.

Why: across her social media platforms, Jane motivates her followers to work on their bodies and minds balanced and combined, as it is the pillar of her program. She helps her followers to reset and adjust their mindset to motivate them to achieve their personal goals. Jane also shares inspiring quotes, affirmations and exercises you can do by yourself, along with visuals, tips on how to set up exercises at the gym, her own healthy lifestyle routine and much more.

Where: you can find Jane on Instagram, YouTube, Podcast platforms and her own website, where she motivates her followers through many different techniques.

Instagrams: @janeksimmons and @movement.and.mindset

YouTube channel: Jane Simmons


Podcast: Movement & Mindset

Muscle Sisters

5 Inspiring Influencers

Image by Muscle Sisters via Instagram 

Who: Latino sister Andreina and Patrizia Tuccella, known as the Muscle Sisters, are two certified personal trainers based in Boston, who share their fitness journey and workouts on social media.

Why: the sisters main goal is to become people’s guide on their fitness journeys. On their socials, you can find full and targeted workouts with and without equipment, exercises to fit all environments, including home, gym, beach, pool and parks. Additionally, they also provide numerous healthy recipes to help you reach your fitness goals. On top of all, they do live workouts every week and post tips on building muscle mass, getting toned abs and much more, while sharing their own journey and progress on getting the bodies and healthy lifestyle they have today.

Where: you can find the Muscle Sisters on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. On Instagram, they share tips, recipes and targeted workouts, and live stream workouts  every week. On YouTube, they post all their live workouts, in case you miss any, and daily workout videos, with both full and targeted workouts. On Facebook, they have a group with a supportive community of over 24,000 members to share ideas, questions and experiences on their fitness journeys.

Instagram: @muscle_sisters 

YouTube channel: MUSCLE SISTERS 

Facebook group: FITSisterhood | Muscle Sisters

Jessie Diaz-Herrera

5 Inspiring Influencers

 Image by Jessie Diaz-Herrara via Instagram 

Who: Jessie Diaz-Herrera is a Latina plus size BoPo dance fitness instructor based in New York City, who shares her moves and body positivity on social media.

Why: Jessie is all about body empowerment through dances and structures her classes to suit people with all body types and dance skills. On her socials, she shows confidence and acceptance, making sure to embrace all body types, while combining affirmations and tasty recipes for her followers to feel good in their body.

Where: you can find Jessie mainly on her Instagram, where she shows her passion for dance and her body, advocating for size wellness and body positivity. Jessie also has her own website, in which she shares all of her information and details of her work. On her YouTube channel, you will find a few of her dances focused on body positivity, as well as in her Patreon, in which she offers affordable plans for access to her dances. 

Instagram: @curveswithmoves

YouTube channel: Curves With Moves 


Patreon: Curves With Moves | Jessie Diaz

Sia Cooper

5 Inspiring Influencers

Image by Sia Cooper via Instagram 

Who: Sia Cooper is a certified personal trainer based in Florida and the creator of Strong Body Guide, which includes workouts for pregnant women and new mothers.

Why: Sia encourages her followers to have a healthy lifestyle, by sharing workouts and great recipes, and inspiring quotes and texts that focus on acceptance. Sia is real with her followers about what the real body looks like, sharing about bloating, cellulite and how the body changes with different poses or pants pulled up versus down. Also, her program is fit for pregnant women, women in their postpartum phase and new mothers, as she has a story herself of dealing with her own body after giving birth to her two beautiful children.

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Where: on her social media, such as Instagram, YouTube channel and website, Sia shares workouts, tips on fitness, delicious recipes and lots of comparisons of Instagram versus reality.

Instagram: @diaryofafitmommy

YouTube channel: Sia Cooper 


Twitter: @DiaryofFitMommy

Facebook: Diary of a Fit Mommy | Sia Cooper

Jennifer West

Image by Jennifer West via Instagram 

Who: Jennifer West is a personal trainer, champion of MTV The Challenge season 35 and creator of Future Proof Fitness.

Why: Jennifer defends that muscular bodies are feminine and believes in working on today for your future self and connects with her followers through her captions on Instagram by being vulnerable about her thoughts and feelings. She shares workouts to do at home, the reality of the human body and that the wellness of the mind is as important as the wellness of the body. Overall, in all of her posts, she is inspirational and believes that appearances do not count and that they are just temporary, as the main goal is health for when you are older.

Where: Instagram is the tool of choice for Jennifer to communicate with her followers, as she posts constantly about her life and routine and is always answering questions on her stories. She also has her own website, which is directed to her program, Future Proof Fitness, in which she offers different workout plans, connecting individually with every person.

Instagram: @jenniferwestofficial


These are just five of the numerous amazing women that are out there on social media sharing their fitness journey and experience for a better and healthier lifestyle. Please remember that your summer fitness goals do not have to be the perfect body, especially because it does not exist. 

Sometimes, it is more than enough that your goal is perhaps getting into a specific type of workout, start dancing classes or go for a walk once a day. Whichever you choose, make sure you do it for your health and well-being, which these women can definitely help you with and motivate you to reach your summer fitness goals.


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