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5 Tips for Spontaneous (AKA Last Minute) Holiday Travel

5 Tips for Spontaneous (AKA Last Minute) Holiday Travel

Let’s say your boss walked into the office and said ‘Everyone gets one/two weeks bonus for Christmas,’ and you decide to say ‘Carpe diem’ and plan a holiday vacation, right now. You see all of your friends, colleagues, and family on vacation and want to be one of those people with the selfie-stick, but you know last minute travel might cost you the bank and more.

The good news is that last-minute travel is still feasible and can be economical. Here are some tips on how to plan your spontaneous trip:


If you are planning to travel outside of the country and need a passport, check to see if there is a passport agency near you. Passport offices are faster than mail and offer expedited services and emergency passports for people going out of the country on short notice. You may have to provide a travel itinerary in cases of emergency services.

Pro tip: If you are going on a cruise, you may only need a passport card. 

For more information check out this site below: 


Domestic Travel

If you are traveling domestically, go for the most economical option. This tip looks differently depending on your family situation. If you are single and have no children, flights can be incredibly cheap if you are willing to sacrifice a few hours of slight discomfort. Spirit and Frontier Airlines may not be the most luxurious flights, but they are efficient and economical. You get what you pay for. 

Plus, any money saved can be utilized for additional perks on the trip (or for financial recovery when you return, if you want to plan ahead. 

If you have a family, consider a road trip. (This is also a good tip for singles that want to take advantage of group rates.) This tip may not be the most desirable, but for a family with small children there is no need to worry about the effect of cabin pressure changes on your children’s ears. 

Also, never underestimate the vacation quality of a road trip. Quality time comes in spades on the road. Some of the best jokes and songs are shared in a car. Also, some of those intense and avoidable conversations have a tendency of coming to resolution very quickly in a car.

Group rates!!!!

Whether you are a family traveling or a single person wanting to have fun in a new city, consider inviting others along for the trip. There are some festivities such as concerts that allow for the implementation of group rates that can reduce the rate for everyone involved significantly. These rates can apply for hotels as well!!


At this point, hotel rates are very expensive. While many are flooding sites like Expedia and Trivago, other sites like Airbnb may have less traffic and more openings for you to consider. 

See Also

As others are traveling, they are placing their homes, apartments, and condominiums on these sites for short term stays. These gems can typically offer more perks than the average hotel. Please check the reviews and read the fine print!!!

Groupon rates can also yield some gems as well. Again, read the fine print!!!

Pack light

Typically, families have the hardest time with this tip. Understandably, you want to bring all of the comforts of home with you. Nevertheless, that usually results in sore arms and a harder time packing up on the way back. Normally, when you travel, there is some light shopping. That means more room is needed for your bag. Lighter packing in the beginning prevents the need for extra bodies to help close your bag and less stress on the zipper.

The best scenario for packing light is only leaving with a carry on and possibly checking a bag at the airport on the return home. For some this may be a challenge, so let’s start with smaller goals, only pack one bag. Then within that one bag place an empty duffle bag just in case you decide to shop. Take a deep breath. It’s okay. Your arms and back will thank you later.

Whether you are taking this initial step into spontaneity or are a frequent flyer by the seat of your pants, these tips should allow you to make these steps without adding any undue stress. Traveling during this time of the year may have it’s own hurdles, but it is still a wonderful time of year to do so.

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