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5 Tips For Styling Sweatpants

5 Tips For Styling Sweatpants

5 Tips For Styling Sweatpants

It’s no secret that everyone has been living in sweatpants since last March. It is the one article of clothing that is always reliable, comfy and low effort – especially if you’re working from home – so we totally get it. 

Thanks to the pandemic and the rising fashion trend of chic streetwear, sweatpants are no longer only reserved for being lazy and laundry days! Sweatpants can now be used to elevate any casual day-look or everyday activity that requires you to leave the house. Here are five simple tips to style sweatpants, as well as our favourite influencer picks who rock each look! 

  1. Matching Sets 

Sweat sets are arguably the best way to look put together while barely trying. Not only are they super trendy right now, they’re also minimalistic enough for anyone to pull off! Basic pieces are currently the fashion focal point of spring 2021; so now it’s the perfect time to find your chic, neutral matching sets at your favourite stores, before they’re all gone. 

With matching sets you don’t have to feel the anxiety of trying to pull an outfit together; it’s already done for you! It’s no longer just your basic hoodie and baggy sweats either; there are now so many style variations to choose from and you can totally mix and match to your heart’s content. 

If you’re hesitant as to whether you’ll be able to pull off or style sweatpants in the right way, go for a matching set for an effortlessly, on point OOTD! Matching sets are not as bold as you think (trust us, you can pull it off), they’re also a guaranteed way to feel trendy, cozy and confident. 

Influencer pick for styling matching sets: @ikimmy_xo
  1. Fitted vs Boyfriend Style 

If you want to be a sweatpant-styling pro, you’ll need to understand the different styles and how to utilize them! You might assume that sweatpants are universally the same, but there’s actually a lot of different styles out there. For this article, we are focusing on the most popular styles, which are fitted joggers and the boyfriend fit. 

Joggers are fairly thin and meant to be seamless like leggings. The boyfriend style is a bit thicker, longer in length and baggier for a more relaxed fit. If you tend to gravitate towards casual, oversized sweaters and tees, try the fitted joggers to bring back your body’s natural shape! If you love the baggy sweatpants look that comes with the boyfriend style, add a cute fitted top to balance it out! If you are tall or a bit curvier, the boyfriend fit is a safe bet as it’s more inclusive of a broader range of body types. Knowing these different style types and fits will definitely help your simple sweatpants look come together in a fun and fashionable way! 

Influencer pick for styling the boyfriend fit: @lauren_wambolt
  1. Accessorize 

Accessories are crucial! An easy way to dress up a simple pair of sweatpants is to add some cute accessories. Trendy jewelry is a guaranteed go-to when putting together a cute sweatpants-focused outfit. Try simple pieces like a gold chain, layered rings, a classy pendant necklace, hoop earrings, or even some dainty pearls to keep your accessory game on point! 

If you’re not really into jewelry, try throwing on a pair of statement sunglasses or adding your best purse to the mix. These types of accessories are great focal pieces that radiate major girl-boss energy to counteract the sweats! 

Finally, you can’t forget about hair accessories. Whether it’s a silk scrunchie, chic barrettes or fun claw clips, adding a hair accessory is such a classy and trendy way to pull off a simple outfit! Trust us when we say that accessorizing your sweatpants-inspired look is definitely easier than you think. 

Influencer pick for styling sweats with accessories: @caitlinelizaxo!
  1. Layer On Top 

Current outerwear trends include flannel, fleece, denim and leather. Whether it’s oversized, long, fitted or cropped, adding a stylish jacket as a statement piece is a great addition to your casual sweatpant look! If your current climate still has snowy and chilly days ahead, this is the perfect way to stay warm, comfortable and have some fun with this outfit and style. 

Depending on the fit of your chosen sweatpants, try to think about how you want your body shape to look when picking your outerwear piece! Long coats are great no matter what; same for anything oversized. If you want to keep a form fitted shape on the top half of your body, counteract the baggy look of boyfriend sweats by going for a jacket with a tight or cropped fit. Outerwear is such an easy way to make your casual outfit appear more dressed up and thoughtfully planned. 

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Influencer pick for styling sweats with outerwear: @elisalunell!
  1. Cropped Contrast 

The best way to dress up your sweatpants look is to add a cropped contrast on top. Whether it’s a casual sweater, simple tee, your go-to work top or a flirty tank; anything will work! If you want to feel like a major style influencer, this is such an easy way to achieve that look and will be a go-to for casual loungewear. 

Cropped contrast is a great way to make your outfit feel more playful too! The contrast can come from a varied colour combo; try playing with neutral tones or adding patterns to switch it up. If it’s too cold for cropped tops right now, try layering or save the look for an upcoming warmer day. 

If cropped tops aren’t your thing, we recommend trying seamless lounge tops! They are fitted like a long sports bra and really trendy right now, so you definitely can’t go wrong there. It’s so simple; adding some cropped contrast is a game-changer! 

Influencer pick for styling sweats with cropped tops: @abbeyhaynes

There you have it, five tips to ensure trendy sweatpants-inspired looks that can be incorporated into your spring style repertoire! Sweats can be paired with almost anything these days, which guarantees a cute and casual look. Whether you are still stuck inside or able to safely go out, this style trend is versatile to any occasion! Sweats becoming a major style trend means getting to stay relaxed and cozy, while still  feeling put together. 

Casual wear is our new saving grace for this pandemic and we don’t want you to miss out on this simple trend!

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