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6 African Beauty Brands You Have to Check Out

6 African Beauty Brands You Have to Check Out

The beauty industry in Africa is growing fast. There are a plethora of unique brands that most of us in North America are yet to be made aware of. In this article, we have rounded up 6 must try African beauty brands that we are currently loving!

Soracare Lab

This all-natural skin and hair care brand makes incredible toners, and masks. Soracare Lab was founded by Chancelline Mutemba, in 2020 during the pandemic. She started making her own natural hair and skin products in 2017 and noticed a major difference in her skin and hair. Face scrub, body oil and hair oil are just some of the products Soracare has to offer.

Image via Soracare Lab


Evita Joseph

Originally from Ghana, Evita Joseph is a makeup brand that focuses on women of colour. The brand is named after it’s co-founder Evita Joseph Asare, a mechanical engineer who turned her ability to design and build machinery into creating stunning beauty products. Her story is truly amazing! Bold, beautiful and high-quality eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks are just a few of the phenomenal products this brand has available.

Image via Evita Joseph



Malée is a luxury bath, body, and fragrance brand from South Africa. Founder Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao created the brand in the middle of the 2009 financial crisis. Malée was named after Oriaikhi-Sao’s grandmother, meaning a gracious learned woman. Malée strives to create luxury products that do not put a strain on the environment, as well as give back to local communities. This brand is definitely taking beauty and skincare to a whole new level with all their amazing initiatives and top performing products!

Image via Malée


Juvia’s Place

Dedicated to celebrating African women and beauty, Juvia’s Place has stunning makeup products that look great on every skin tone. Founder, Chichi Eburu started the brand after not being able to find makeup that enhanced her skin tone. This brand has quickly become a favorite in the beauty guru community, especially with all their unique and incredible affordable eyeshadow palettes. If you’re looking for an award-winning beauty brand with tons of color, pigment and vibrancy in their products, we highly recommend checking out Juvia’s Place!

Image via Juvia’s Place


Africology is an eco-friendly beauty line that uses essential oils to formulate their amazing products. Founder and CEO Renchia Droganis started Africology to provide people with natural and ethically-formulated products with top results. Africology makes a range of unique body washes, moisturizers, toners, serums and a variety of other products that takes natural skin care to a whole new level!

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Image via Africology


True Moringa

Based in Ghana, True Moringa is an all-natural hair and skincare line. Kwami Williams and Emily Cunningham created the company after discovering the harmful chemicals used in cosmetic products. Their products specifically use oil from Moringa, also known as the drumstick tree. The oil produced from the drumstick tree nourishes and protects your skin and hair unlike any other product on the market! Lipstick, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and body scrubs are just some of the products they have to offer. Not to mention their packaging looks absolutely stunning!

Image via True Moringa


Be sure to support these amazing African beauty brands that are taking the community by storm! We definitely recommend taking some time to check out all the products and lines each of these unique brands has to offer. Let us know which brand you are most excited to try!

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