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8 Ways to Boost your Immune System during the Pandemic

8 Ways to Boost your Immune System during the Pandemic

In the past couple of months in this pandemic, we have been facing many obstacles including social distancing, isolation and frequent sanitization. To stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, here are 8 supplements and remedies you can use to prevent any illness and boost your immune system and overall wellness.

First things first… Relax! 

Stress and lack of sleep can lower your immune system, leaving your body susceptible to immune deficiencies and complications. While practicing these remedies, try to get 6-8 hours of sleep every night and practise daily meditation for ultimate relaxation.

To ensure that the following remedies work for you, take physical social distancing into heavy consideration. Be mindful of others around you by maintaining a 6-foot distance from those around you. Try to leave only if necessary and sanitize properly and frequently to avoid cross-contamination and spreading of the virus.

Here are the 8 supplements and daily remedies that are easily accessible and proven to help your immune support: 

  1. Vitamin C

This essential vitamin is excellent for preventing any colds, flus and viruses from settling in the body. This antioxidant adapts to cellular movement which adapts to your immune development. It also aids in the production of white blood cells, which is essential in helping the body fight infections. 

Some sources of Vitamin C are found in supplements from health food stores (in forms of capsules, liquids and sachets) and through your variety of green fruits and veggies (broccoli, kale, kiwi and peppers).

  1. Vitamin D3

This vitamin not only helps the formation of calcium and bones, but it also helps strengthen your immune system. D3 has been proven to help the body fight infectious diseases and the flu, by adapting to the body’s immune response and fights first signs of infections. Having a daily dose of Vitamin D3 can lower the risk of autoimmune deficiencies. 

D3 can be found in supplements (drops & soft gels), fatty foods (fish, egg yolks & milk) and the sun!

  1. Zinc

This element helps the activation of white blood cells, aka the front line workers in our body’s immune system. Zinc helps to control and regulate the white blood cells’ immune response and attacks infected cells. This mineral helps with upper-respiratory infections and reduce the duration of a cold. Zinc-deficiency can make you prone to dangerous pathogens in the environment.

Zinc mineral can be consumed in supplements and lozenges, meats (red meat & shellfish), legumes (chickpeas & beans) and in seeds.

  1. Oregano oil

This herb acts as an anti-viral and prevention for infections in the body. The carvacrol agent in the oregano is proven to kill bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells. It works as a shield against toxins and can help restore tissue damage. 

Oregano can be found in supplement tincture drops & concentrated capsules, as well as from the herb itself (fresh or dried).

  1. Garlic

Garlic is not a staple ingredient in common food dishes but for your immune system as well. Garlic fights germs through a compound called allicin, which is activated when crushed or chewed. Allicin is the medicinal property in the garlic to boost the immune response to diseases and infections. It is also shown to improve recovery from common colds and flus.

Garlic can be found in herbal tinctures & capsules, as well as from the plant itself to consume on a daily basis.

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  1. Elderberry 

Elderberry is packed with antioxidants and vitamins which is excellent for boosting the immune system. This anti-viral remedy fights cold and flu systems and aids in the recovery of illnesses. The popular European berry is used to fight infections in the upper respiratory system for hundreds of years

Elderberry can be consumed through supplements such as syrups, gummies, lozenges, pills and teas. In some countries, it can be accessed as a dried fruit or freeze-dried. 

  1. Probiotics

Probiotics are essential for your health and gut flora, because most of your immune system is located in your gut. Probiotics are encapsulated bacteria that help maintain your body’s gut flora functioning well to fight antibodies entering your system. It is proven to inhibit the growth of harmful gut bacteria which increases the function of your immune system. 

Probiotics can be consumed through supplements (capsules, powder & liquid) and in fermented foods (yogurt, kefir, tempeh/kimchi & kombucha)

  1. Thieves oil

Thieves oil is popular essential amongst many cultures for its purification properties and for promoting relaxation. It plays a role in your immune system for its antimicrobial properties to promote wound healing and cure respiratory difficulties. The main ingredients in Thieves oil are Clove essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil and sometimes Hyssop essential oil. Thieves oil can be rubbed on your temples, used in a diffuser and sprayed on your pillowcases and garments. 

Thieves oil can be found at health/herbal stores, online stores or can be homemade using essential oils.

That’s it! Those are 8 easy ways to boost your immune system without breaking the bank. Although it is natural for our body to face new illnesses and become exposed to the changing environment it is important to always maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as a relaxed and positive mindset. Our health and safety are a top priority and taking care of your body and being mindful of others around you will improve your overall health and wellness. Stay safe!

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