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A New Home Decor Concept with Legendary DIY Designer Rue

A New Home Decor Concept with Legendary DIY Designer Rue

A New Home Decor

One thing that this pandemic brought us was more spatial awareness and the way in which we function in those spaces. With so many of us working from home and being forced to spend a lot more time in our living quarters, home projects and redesigns became a huge trend all of 2020 and throughout 2021.

However, a big downside to renovations and redesigning a space is how much things can cost. It definitely doesn’t take much to rack up a big bill if you’re someone who likes to look at super trendy home decor and furniture places. Luckily, there’s an amazing DIY home decor account rising in popularity that we want everyone to know more about for their next home project!

Specialized in home decor and based in Canada, Rue, the owner of the popular account @decor.snippets, brings a new concept to home decor. Although Rue only started her Instagram in June last year, she already has over 400k followers on Instagram and 300k on TikTok! We’re not shocked at all, since she has such a fun, positive energy and creates some luxurious and beautiful decor pieces that could easily be sold at popular home furnishing retail stores.

From the first look, you might think her pieces may be too expensive to copy. But besides linking in her bio all of her look alike furniture and decor pieces on Instagram, she makes DIYs for those on a budget and even shows that beautiful decorations can be affordable and still look great. Rue is truly the DIY queen, as she has tons of content and ideas on her page posted daily for any household room you can think of. She definitely knows how to transform a space to make it feel new, refreshed and luxurious in just a few simple steps!

Famous for displaying her carefully decorated home on social media, she shows her followers that decor can be simple if you use your imagination to create it. A very famous example comes from one of her latest decor tips: peel and stick wall tiles for your kitchen! Peel and sticks are also a great affordable option for temporarily transforming a space with old countertops like in a bathroom or kitchen.

Home decor is more than just buying pieces and displaying them randomly throughout the house. That’s why Rue also shows her followers how to style furniture around the house, using very affordable items, such as $3 trays and $2 bowls. She knows how to take all our trendy pinterest decor dreams and turn them into a reality!

On top of that, she makes beautiful art for her house, from unique centerpieces to abstract canvases. Recently she used mold paste, putty knives and spray paint to make the most beautiful wall art that looks like it’s worth thousands of dollars. Rue makes DIY art look like so much fun, especially with how she taps into such abstract creativity.

Also, she is famously known for how she displays different decor according to the season. Right now she is giving her followers ideas on how to decorate their homes for the fall and Christmas. This is just perfect if you don’t know how to arrange seasonal decor or if you want to change up the typical layout you do every year.

Be sure to check out Rue’s amazing account if you’re about to plan a home renovation, redesign an old space or just want some aesthetic decor inspiration on your feed. We can’t wait to see all the phenomenal upcoming designs, projects and decor she has in store for us!

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