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Accessible Fashion: Meet BlushSpice

Accessible Fashion: Meet BlushSpice


BlushSpice is creating the new company standard when it comes to fashion. By focusing on giving back, open communication and having fun with their designs, they have created big waves in the industry and their current success is only the beginning! 

Created by Sab and JH in just 2020, these two unique designers met in fashion school and have been friends ever since. After graduation, they both worked in the fashion industry for five years, until they realized what they were doing for other brands, they could be doing for themselves. That’s when BlushSpice was created, aiming to have a more positive impact by combining fashion with activism, far beyond the current standards at the time. 




When creating their pieces, the idea is not only to make them pretty but also useful and comfortable as well. 

“The purses we have been working on the past few weeks, […] we are adding little things that we need in a purse, like a lighter pocket, a zipper closure, we’re working on custom keychains.”

Also, they have invested in ways to consciously upcycle materials they already have, which cuts down both waste and cost. This helps make their products more accessible and affordable to their amazing customers.




BlushSpice is also a community-based brand, as they are always searching for their customers’ opinions to help grow in any way that they can. By asking how to improve their pieces, it helps bring their customers directly into the conversation, feeling like they are a part of the process from start to finish. This also helps the owners become more knowledgeable about what consumers are in need of for more useful daily life products that are not currently being offered on the market.

The same concept is applied to all their phenomenal collaborations. Both Sab and JH are adamant on sharing all the details once they decide to have a collaboration with someone. Like any community-based designer, they alway want to share ideas from start to finish and ensure every part of the process is represented. Things like photoshoots and the products that will be sold in the collab lines are entirely and equally collaborative from both parties, making every step of the way a truly unique one.  

Also, their collabs go beyond just the fashion sense. They started out with Fairfield Change, which gives access to the Fairfield, CA community to resources, such as food and education. At the time, the people from the organization modeled for the photos, because according to them, they are “more a community and less company, it’s just more fun that way.” 


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More than anything, Sab and JH like to tell people’s stories through their brand, giving a special focus to immigrants, since their own families come from the Philippines. This way, they can uplift people’s different stories, show that there are many opportunities for those who come from other backgrounds and, overall, make fashion available to everyone.




Regarding their successes, they list their freedom, working with something they enjoy, the community they’re building, seeing people on the brand’s clothes, podcasts they’ve participated on and, of course, being featured in FBI STYLE. Make sure to check them out, as you will fall in love with this unique and outstanding fashion brand!


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