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Accessory Essentials you NEED for Spring!

Accessory Essentials you NEED for Spring!

It’s finally spring and with the exciting arrival of warmer weather, we definitely need some new accessories to combine with all our best looks this season. That’s why we’ve rounded up seven accessory essentials for you to wear this spring!

1. Flower hair clip

With it being one of the trendiest accessories right now, the flower hair clip is a perfect way to emulate the floral season. Especially for those warmer days that make it impossible to wear your hair down, this makes the clip both cute and functional. Plus, this hair clip will allow you to style your hair in many different ways and you will look like you just came out of Pinterest!



2. Butterfly hair clips

Another hair accessory that’s absolutely perfect for spring are mini butterfly hair clips. Since the 2000s fashion looks are back on trend, you can wear these tiny clips in many versatile ways. Whether you’re looking to play up your style or add a fun pop of color, these clips are another great styling option for accessorizing this spring. An FBI STYLE favourite is to attach the clips to mini braids along with the hair – it’s a classic trendy look that can’t be beat!



3. Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are here to stay and we love how it completes any casual ensemble! The greatest thing about bucket hats is that there are many options to choose from to spice up your spring look. Whether you opt to make it pop by playing with different materials or a different pattern, it’s the statement piece that will have everyone raving! Not to mention, you can wear a bucket hat on pretty much any occasion in the spring, which is a big advantage of this key piece!



4. Shoulder bag

Moving on from hair accessories to bags, the best option is to go for shoulder ones. They keep it classy and make sure your look remains light for the season. If you have any doubts about how to style this piece, we have a whole article for different styles that can help you with that!


5. Lace-up sandals

One of the best things about transitioning from winter to spring is shedding all those thick layers from head to toe! Getting to switch up our footwear is one of the best parts. Of course, sandals are essentials for spring, but a hot spring trend that’s making its comeback are lace-up and tie string sandals. It’s a fun way to style your spring skirts, dresses, and more! Also, depending on the occasion, you can choose flat or with a platform, but either way, these are definitely a shoe essential for the season!



6. Big earrings

It’s time to play in the big leagues with this next accessory! Small and simple earrings are a trend we’re happy to let rest. Now’s the perfect time to make space for all the big statement earrings in your future spring looks! They can be from any material, as long as you can see them from a distance. Whether it’s hoops, dangling pearls, or funky shapes, this is the accessory that’ll breathe so much life and fun into your spring style!

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7. Beaded necklaces

Finally, the last accessory essential for spring is a beaded charm necklace! Beads and charms are so nostalgic – they remind us of our childhood and token items like friendship bracelets or one-of-a-kind flea market staples. The more you can add into your spring style rotation, the merrier! From things like small beaded chokers and dainty necklaces, it’s an accessory that will add a pop of color, unique texture, and playfulness to any spring look!



We hope this style guide helped you find some of your next accessory essentials with the round up of bold and playful spring statements. Don’t waste any more time and start searching for the trending pieces that promise to slide into the next season, before it’s too late to catch up!

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