FBI STYLE is a lifestyle magazine based in Toronto, Canada that appeals to the affluent fashion, beauty and travel enthusiasts. We tell stories of amazing people and brands that appeal to both the millennial and Gen X markets. Our content is intended to inspire, educate and entertain our audience while providing a highly engaging platform where our partners, affiliates, collaborators and advertisers can share their stories as well. Please take a moment to review our advertising options then contact us to discuss the details. You can also ask us about event collaborations and all-in-one campaigns that would include more than one advertising option.

Advertising Options

Banner ad options include placement in:

  • The sidebar of any page or article
  • The first frame (towards the top-of-page or article). Your ad will be visible in the visitors’ computer window frame without scrolling.*
  • Website footer
  • The articles. Ads will appear in the middle of a specific article.
  • The category page. Position your brand within a specific category. i.e.

* Some pages and posts may have limitations

Video advertising includes storyboarding, casting, styling, shooting, editing, delivery and promotion.

Our video advertising campaigns will align with your brand values and reflect that standard and quality by which your brand has become a success.

Videos can be from 30-seconds up to 10 minutes (sponsored interviews).

Social media advertising options include Instagram, Facebook (as well as stories), Twitter and Pinterest. We can design the ad for you or we’ll work with you on creating an ad that will fit perfectly with both of our brand identities. Ads can be one time, recurring or seasonal.

You can share more details and go deeper on the story behind your products or services in a sponsored post ad. Your ad will appear amongst our vast library of articles with a visible ‘Sponsor’ tag; bringing more awareness and exposure to your brand.