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AMMANII Jewelry Transcending Cultural Barriers

AMMANII Jewelry Transcending Cultural Barriers

In light of the increasing women empowerment movements, AMMANII is taking the opportunity to pay tribute to the ruling females of ancient Egypt in her Malikat = Queens Collection by telling the stories of the inspiring work they did in governing countries, leading armies and unifying their people.

Malikat features a splendid collection with the same DNA and a bold twist. By infusing historical elements with a modern approach, the attention to detail in each piece makes each one a masterpiece in its own right.

“Each design is an ambassador of peace to tell an empowering story of connection and hope,” ~Amany Shaker CEO and founder of AMMANII Jewelry.

AMMANII’s Sa’mma collection is named after the Arabic word “sky.” This collection is an homage to the sky- the universal blanket we all live under. It is the one thing that truly and indiscriminately houses everyone under it, regardless of race, gender, religion, etc. There are no boundaries and no limits, just a never-ending connection with a protective eye watching and guarding us all.

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AMMANII Jewelry was born from the desire to tell stories and unite women while transcending cultural barriers. Taking us back to the roots of jewelry, there is a shared journey of hope and revived dreams translated through every design. It’s meant to provoke courage and inspire a vision of a global sisterhood with a purpose of creating a better tomorrow.

AMMANII’s stories overlap, and the common thread shared by the label is a desire to find fulfillment, purpose and courage. This is jewelry that builds connections because people are better together than apart; that’s the core of the brand.

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