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Amrezy x Launch BeautyX2

Amrezy x Launch BeautyX2

Amrezy hosts an online global makeup and beauty challenge in support of Room to Read

Amra Reyes, globally known as Amrezy, started her makeup journey in 2011 and is now one of the biggest beauty influencers. Her stunning makeup looks continue to keep her 5.8 million Instagram followers engaged and captivated. The brilliant makeup artist is not only known for her gorgeous makeup looks but also her fashionable style. 

Alongside Patrick Ta and Ariel Tejada (@makeupbyariel), Amrezy has teamed up with Orbiiit to launch BeautyX2, a worldwide competition to find the next big beauty influencer. The contest will support Room to Read, a leading non-profit focused on girls’ education and children’s literacy in Asia and Africa. 

Nader Navabi, CEO & Founder of Orbiiit, explained the significance of the contest:

“Orbiiit is all about finding emerging influencers in their sectors and helping them to grow, our latest competition BeautyX2 is no different. BeautyX2 has activated the beauty community to help find the next big influencer, and we wanted to harness this sense of competition for the greater good, which is why we decided to partner with Room to Read, to help raise awareness of a good cause. The charity works hard to provide an education to children in developing countries, and we’re proud to be able to support them as they continue their work.”

The reason Amra felt compelled to be a part of this competition is encompassed in her passion for philanthropy, especially when it comes to children. When she learned about Orbiiit’s plans to advocate for literary and gender equality for kids, she instantly knew she had to be involved. 

As one of the main judges in the competition, Amra will be looking for originality and makeup looks that are relevant. She hopes to see looks that are as unique as they are wearable. Many makeup artists across social media create a lot of similar makeup looks; she is excited to see some new looks that the contestants create! Amra believes that participating in competitions, such as BeautyX2, is a great confidence booster and she hopes that every contestant will gain confidence from this experience, as she believes confidence is what got her to where she is today. She also believes this is a great learning experience and that putting yourself out there is the “ultimate glow up.” 

When asked about her thoughts on beauty influencers and what sets each individual artist apart, Amra’s answer was simple: it’s all about community. Whether it’s big or small, it’s all about having a community that responds, supports and is honest at all times. Amra says, “I wouldn’t be a beauty influencer without my community being on this journey with me!” 

Aside from community, Amra stated that having something about you that is undefinable is what will set you apart, which can include a mix of makeup styles, application and lingo. Another key element that sets influencers apart is content. Amra explained that what you share is just as important as what you don’t share on social media. Your personality must show on social media, in order to set you apart from the rest. 

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When it comes to Amra’s personal makeup inspiration, she gets most of it from her hometown of New York City. She said, “Even during this last year, I’ve still tried to get out, just even for a walk or drive to get inspiration for my next makeup look and general style.” Fortunately for us, Amra’s inspiration seems to be endless!

Amra’s advice to up and coming beauty influencers and makeup artists is to always stay true to yourself, never give up on your dreams and continue to improve on your artistry, as well as ensuring consistency with your content.

When asked if she sees herself collaborating with other beauty brands, Amra said to keep a lookout – some exciting things will be happening in 2021!

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