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Argan Oil And Its Benefits

Argan Oil And Its Benefits

Needless to say, argan oil has been in the beauty scene for some time now as a result of a few brands that went viral and gained popularity for their range of products that are infused with the oil. These products have been used by A-list celebrities and even featured in NYFW. As a Moroccan, I vividly remember the day I started to realize that the oil I took for granted my entire childhood was becoming increasingly popular and trendy in the western world. Soon enough, everyone was talking about argan oil and how it revolutionized the hair and skincare industry.

But as the years went by, I realized there was a common explanation in regards to:

  1. Why you cannot just simply rely on any brand or product to include enough of the raw oil in their formulas; and
  2. Why you cannot enjoy it like a real Moroccan OG would (combined with its two best friends, pure honey and almond butter, with some warm homemade bread on the side).

The answer is simple: it is difficult to come by this oil while being on this side of the world (or anywhere other than Morocco).

What I mean is that Morocco is the only producer and exporter in the world since the oil is produced from Argan tree kernels which is native to Morocco. And yes, those are the same infamous trees that goats climb on top of

My home country is also quite small; definitely not big enough to turn the land into a multinational Moroccan elixir empire. Also, there is no way to determine if the oil has been obtained in a fair and ethical manner. The bottom line is that pure argan oil is rare, scarce and thus really pricey.

But in small quantities, pure argan oil can be found online relatively easy and you can incorporate some of it in your beauty routine. It can also be used as a face oil as a little goes a long way, but the “liquid gold” is mainly known to do wonders for your hair. As a hair mask, I would recommend adding a little bit to a raw egg, half an avocado, and some of your favourite conditioner then leaving it on for about an hour; even better if you put a shower cap (or plastic wrap) on and warm it up a bit with your hairdryer on a medium heat setting. If you’re only using the oil by itself, always focus on the ends of your hair or wherever you notice heat or color damage.

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As for skincare use, always pay attention to the amount or concentration of the actual raw oil in the product. Ingredients are listed by order of concentration. If pure argan oil isn’t one of the first ingredients on the list, then I wouldn’t recommend purchasing the product. Some brands only use very little of the actual oil and pile up a bunch of extra oils and chemicals you don’t necessarily need. 

Here are some of our finds:

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