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Arts Garage Exhibition: “The Right Side of History” by Emerging Black Artists

Arts Garage Exhibition: “The Right Side of History” by Emerging Black Artists

Arts Garage is the progressive and community-based cultural center in downtown Delray Beach, Florida. It is continuing to advocate and showcase its fascinating exhibition, “The Right Side of History,”  featuring artwork by upcoming black artists.

Emerging black artists such as Andre Clermont, Jessica Clermont, Ethan Dangerwing, Amaryllis McGee, Shannon Rose, Alinda Saintval, Patricia Saintval, and McKinson Souverain are showcasing their talents in Arts Garage’s Grassroots Gallery, which allows the artists to promote their work, as well as gain recognition and success. 

The artwork is inspired by their personal experiences of struggle, fear and concerns as Black Americans. It intends to empower the Black community and push the people to hear their voices. 

Artist Jessica Clermont powerfully shares the beauty and identity of the Black community through art. Andre Clermont aims to take away the power from racists with his hyper-realistic oil portraits. Ethan Dangerwing’s photography showcases the story of local protestors.

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“The Right Side of History” features paintings, mixed media and photography that reveals the many experiences of being a Black American in 2020. The exhibit tells a very important story and includes portrayals of protests and soul-searing portraits. 
It is free and open to the public to view by appointment. To schedule a tour, please email [email protected]

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