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Asili Botanical Skincare: Interview with CEO Natasha Wright

Asili Botanical Skincare: Interview with CEO Natasha Wright

FBI STYLE had the opportunity to interview the founder and CEO of Asili Botanical Skincare, Natasha Wright, on her up and coming skincare brand. This Black-owned beauty company is all about natural beauty and clean ingredients. If you’re looking for a clean beauty brand with a meaningful and unique story, look no further!

Wright’s story started many years ago, as she embarked on a quest to find herself. She was born with chronic eczema, and struggled with acne, brought on by hormones and stress. She went to many dermatologists and tried everything they prescribed—proactive, steroid creams—nothing worked. In her 20’s, Wright took matters into her own hands and researched natural remedies, plants, basically any alternative to the biomedical approach. She picked up books on plants, herbs, and their medicinal properties and noticed that natural ingredients and blends were better suited for her skin. 

Natural is good, but find what works best for you!”

Natasha Wright, Founder and CEO Asili Botanical

Once she found what worked for her, she enlisted faithful friends to try them and received positive feedback. They were so in love with their results they pushed Wright to package the products and launch a skincare brand. While her ideas started in 2013, formulations only started in 2018 and branding started in 2019. Sure enough, she launched Asili Botanical Skincare in early May 2020. 

Wright admitted that she was nervous to launch her brand during the pandemic, but took the plunge anyway. Her focus is not on sales, but rather on creating a buzz and getting her name out there. Due to COVID-19, her business has had a slower than expected start; unable to provide personal consultation and conduct in-person business meetings, Wright had to adapt. She turned to online communities and virtual markets that had large platforms to feature and promote her product.

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Wright is also a part of a not-for-profit called Wright Frame of Mind, in her efforts to focus on philanthropy and give back. A portion of Asili Botanics sales goes towards this organization to support her community.  The ultimate goal is to make Asili Botanics an affordable natural plant-based skincare brand that is able to give back to children and provide them with opportunities. 

In the next 5 years, Wright’s goal is to expand her brand to include a product line for children without toxins. She also wishes to collaborate with others in the makeup industry and influencers. Check out Asili Botanical’s amazing products HERE

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