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Beauty Looks Inspired by Euphoria Season 2

Beauty Looks Inspired by Euphoria Season 2

One thing we can always count on with Euphoria is the amazing range of makeup looks that revolutionized the beauty industry. From bright and bold colours, neon, glitter, sparkling, cat eye, rhinestones, different hair accessories, and everything else you can think of, Euphoria has it all.

With season 2 fresh on everyone’s minds, so are the makeup looks that were worn by Maddy, Cassie, Kat, and Jules. That’s why we made a list of beauty looks inspired by season 2 of Euphoria for you to try on!

Maddy on New Year’s party



One of the first looks from season 2 that absolutely stood out was Maddy’s makeup and hair for New Year’s party. For her hair, she wore a simple zig-zag headband. And for her makeup look, you will need:

– Waterproof cushion liner
– Multichrome pigment
– Dark matte brown eyeshadow
– Plastic gems
– Fake lashes
– Dark nude lip liner
– Nude lipstick

How to:

1- Apply the waterproof cushion liner close to the lash line, extending it towards the end of the brow, and blend out with a soft-bristled brush
2- Layer the multichrome pigment on top and blend it upwards, to the brow bone
3- Wet an angled brush and use it to create the cat flick with the dark matte brown eyeshadow
4- Optional: apply five plastic gems over the end of the flick in a V shape
5- Apply fake lashes
6- Apply lip liner
7- Apply lipstick in a way that it blends in with the lip liner, but not so much that it turns into one shade

Kat on New Year’s party



Kat’s makeup on the New Year’s Eve party is perfect if you want a more colourful and bright look. For this makeup look, you will need:

– Light concealer
– Pigmented turquoise eyeshadow
– Pigmented yellow eyeshadow
– White paint
– Mascara or fake lashes
– Medium nude lip liner
– Rosy nude lipgloss

How to:

1- Apply light concealer where the eyeshadow will be applied later on and blend it with the foundation you already have on
2- Tap on the yellow eyeshadow above the crease up until your brows first so you get maximum pigmentation, winging it out downwards
3- Once you get the pigmentation you want, soften up the edges to blend with the foundation
4- Cut the crease with white paint in an overexaggerated way downwards and fill everything in blending it out
5- Where the makeup is white, apply pigmented turquoise eyeshadow tapping it on
6- Use a brush to lightly apply the turquoise eyeshadow where it meets the yellow eyeshadow
7- Blend both colours a little and increase the blending a little more towards the edge of the eye
8- Apply your normal concealer as an eraser to adjust the cat eye in a blended way, not really sharp
9- Apply mascara or fake lashes, according to your preference
10- Apply lip liner
11- Apply lipgloss blending it with the lip liner

Jules in episode 2



For Jules’ makeup this season, we have more sober options, such as the one from episode 2 with white whisker wings. In episode 3 Jules also chooses the same wings, but this time downwards. Nevertheless, this is what you’ll need to recreate her makeup look:

– White eyeliner
– Terracotta-coloured eyeshadow

How to:

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1- Apply the terracotta-coloured eyeshadow to the crease and below the eye, blending it outwards until smoky
2- Mark the 3 spots where the wings will go so they can be symmetrically distanced from each other
3- Make the first line of every wing and match for the other two, then close the three wings at the same angle
4- Fill up the wings and you have your look
5- Optional: apply a little bit of mascara, but not too much so it won’t cover the wings

Cassie at Maddy’s birthday party



Very delicate and a clean makeup look, but with a little sparkle, is Cassie’s look at Maddy’s birthday party. For the hair, two braids closer to the face, one on each side. A good tip to make the braid a little ticker is to loosen up in the beginning and start to pull tight in the middle. For this makeup look, here’s what you’ll need:

– Baby-pink eyeshadow
– Tiny rhinestones
– Mascara
– Pink lipgloss
– Pink blush

How to:

1- Blend the baby-pink eyeshadow on the crease of the eye in a way that it’s more accentuated towards the browbone
2- Apply a little bit of the baby-pink eyeshadow on the waterline
3- With tweezers, apply five rhinestones on each side below the eye in a way that it goes from one extreme of the eye to the other
4- Apply mascara to the lashes, slightly separating a few in the top lashes
5- Apply a pink lipgloss and a pink blush to finish up the look

From fierce to delicate, season 2 of Euphoria definitely gave us a wide range of makeup looks to take inspiration from. As the characters have their own unique storylines, their makeup looks to complement the story and each one of the girls’ feelings throughout the season.

We hope we were able to give you a good list of beauty looks to get inspired by the Euphoria girls this season and we can’t wait to see what season 3 will bring!

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