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Beauvince Jewelry’s 2020 Winter Capsule Collection Gives Back to the New York City Community

Beauvince Jewelry’s 2020 Winter Capsule Collection Gives Back to the New York City Community

Beauvince Jewelry and Komal Bajaj Sankar launch a winter capsule collection for the 2020 season, giving us two more reasons to love diamonds even more: timeless jewels and a meaningful commitment. 

Sankar, a second-generation jeweller, creates one-of-a-kind pieces and experiences for couples, families, and anyone looking for one of our favourites: Diamonds

This year, in light of the pandemic, Sankar decided to dedicate her 2020 winter capsule collection to her community of New York City. The collection mixes round and elegant shapes together to create a unique aesthetic. 

In honor, support, and appreciation for all small family-owned businesses, as well as handmade and quality goods, 30% of all profits from this collection will go back into the community via charitable donations. 

“2020 has been a year of extremes. It’s only fitting that we launch a collection that juxtaposes the two opposites of diamond cuts alongside each other – the clear step-cut emeralds against the dazzling brilliant-cut rounds,” said Sankar. “During the year in which the rich have gotten wealthier, and the less fortunate poorer, launching this collection is our way of reflecting on its dichotomies.” 

Collection Pieces

Michelle Diamond Necklace – A timeless and bold piece created with a combination of elegant emerald, pear, marquise and round diamonds. The alternating lengths of diamond drops are meant to emulate leaves and be a reflection of nature’s delicate drops.

26.31 cts. diamonds, featuring a 1.55 ct. emerald cut solitaire, set in 18K white gold, 15 inches in length.

Misha Diamond Bracelet – Perfectly paired with the Michelle Diamond necklace, this flexible bracelet features a combination of pear and marquise diamonds. 

18.78 cts. diamonds, set in platinum, 7 inches in length.

Steps Engagement Ring – Accurately named, this stunning engagement ring features step cut diamonds with an impressive emerald cut diamond in the centre. If you’re ready to take a huge step, this exquisite ring is sure to help make your special moment even more memorable.

3.20 ct. emerald cut with baguettes, set in 18K white gold.

Round & Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Necklace – This brilliant necklace is in minimal white gold and showcases fine solitaire diamonds with the largest placed in the centre – the focus of attention. The mixture of curves and angular diamonds makes this classic necklace another standout in the 2020 collection. 

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38.05 cts. diamonds, featuring a 4.03 ct. centre round diamond, set in 18K white gold, 17 inches in length.

Emerald-Cut & Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet – Similar to the previous necklace, this flexible bracelet features 22 round and emerald-cut diamonds, absolutely sure to sparkle beautifully at all times. Whether it’s on your wish list or you’ve decided to treat yourself, this elegant bracelet screams luxury and perfection.

17.90 cts. diamonds, set in platinum, 7 inches in length.

Tennis Opera Convertible Necklace – This versatile and adaptable necklace features 160 same-sized diamonds all the way around. It can be worn several different ways: a 32-inch opera necklace, a two-row necklace, as well as either a 15- or 17-inch string of diamonds; it can even be worn as the latter option by two separate people simultaneously. 

55.94 cts. diamonds, set in platinum, 32 inches in length or as two separate necklaces that are 15 and 17 inches in length.

Sansa Solitaire Diamond Suite – This necklace and earrings set combines a bold look with delicate pieces. The double-strand necklace is created with emerald, baguette, and round diamonds, featuring a centre radiant-cut diamond, similar to the ones on the earrings. This one-of-a-kind piece highlights the collection’s beauty of mixing shapes.

Necklace – 13.21 cts. diamonds, featuring a 1.02 ct. radiant-cut centre diamond, set in 18K white gold, 15.5 inches in length; Earrings – 3.41 cts. diamonds, featuring 0.73 and 0.74 ct. radiant-cut diamonds, set in 18K white gold, 2.4 inches in length.

Legacy Diamond Suite – If you’re looking for a piece that will help you make a grand entrance, look no further! This necklace and earrings set feature pear shape, marquise, emerald, and round diamonds. The necklace captures your attention and the oversized chandelier earrings brilliantly accentuate the beauty of the entire set. 

23.45 cts. diamonds, set in 18K white gold, 15.5 inches in length; Earrings – 8.55 cts. diamonds, set in 18K white gold, 3 inches in length

“The collection is also symbolic of our beautiful city to us,” added Sankar. “The angular emeralds are symbolic of the concrete jungle, and the brilliant cuts represent people coming together in it.”
The jewelry is available online, as well through select retailers. For retailers, wholesale pricing or anyone looking for more information about Beauvince Jewelry or the collection, contact [email protected] or visit beauvince.com.

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  • What an insane collection this is, truly an eye-catching collection of jewels I am in complete awe after looking at the collection will surely share this with my friends and family as well also will try to convince my husband if he can get my any of those.

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