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Bermuda: The Best Place to Rejuvenate Post-Pandemic

Bermuda: The Best Place to Rejuvenate Post-Pandemic


Who isn’t thinking about post-pandemic travels? I think we can all agree that we are in need of a relaxing beach vacation. It’s so important to keep your body, mind and spirits healthy and at their best, especially after this past year. 

You’re planning to travel somewhere nice and sunny but aren’t sure where to go? Well, we’re here to tell you why you should go to Bermuda. Just a short 3-hour direct flight away (or 8 hours with connecting flights) enjoy wellness and an unforgettable experience by beautiful pink sands and crystal clear waters.

We have rounded up five places and things to do in Bermuda that are guaranteed to give you the ultimate relaxing and stress-free vacation. 

1. Resort and Spa

This spa is truly one of a kind. An insightful and indulgent experience, Natura Spa, Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa’s cave treatment options feature massages and other signature spa treatments performed in a natural, unaltered cave located on the property. In keeping with the earthy integrity and live environment of the cave, the grotto’s primal features are respected and embraced; with the mesmerizing natural sounds of dripping water and soothing soft music, a therapist uses only organic products. 

Source: Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa


2. Hiking and Biking

Hiking is known to lower stress levels, improve mood and enhance mental wellbeing. In Bermuda, there are an array of trails that offer runners and hikers alike magnificent views of Bermuda’s breathtaking coastline and unique architecture. The Bermuda Railway Trail has 18 miles of paths across the island and brings those who traverse it to some of the island’s most photogenic panoramas. Or, hike at pristine Spittal Pond, the island’s biggest nature reserve.


Source: Bermuda Tourism Authority

3. Mindful Meditation

From atop cliffs with magnificent views of turquoise seas at Admiralty House Park to inside the mysterious walls of the Unfinished Church, there are plenty of places to practice mindfulness across the island. Whether you choose to chant your mantra at sunrise or sunset, there’s a beautiful spot waiting.

Source: Bermuda Tourism Authority


4. Get Back in Balance with Yoga

Yoga and a spectacular view? Sign me up! Practise sun salutations on a dramatic cliffside overlooking turquoise waters and pink-sand beaches. Test your balance with a warrior-pose sequence atop a stand-up paddleboard in a gentle bay. Local yoga studios offer these experiences and more. Attend a class, or book a private session in a blissful outdoor spot.


Source: Bermuda Tourism Authority


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5. Healthy Food for Healthy Bodies

A trip is never complete without great food. In Bermuda, it’s never just a walk in the wilderness, especially when you join a foraging tour with Wild Herbs & Plants of Bermuda. Founder and vegan chef Doreen Williams-James leads you on a 1.5-mile walk amid a beautifully wild Bermudian landscape, where she shows you edible and medicinal plants that grow along the way. Afterward, you’ll sample delicious plant-based dishes that use these ingredients.


Source: Bermuda Tourism Authority


Even on a wellness trip, a trip to Bermuda wouldn’t be complete without doing some of these exciting and unforgettable adventures:

  • Learn to Sail — Bermuda is the perfect place to learn to sail or step up your sailing mastery. A variety of programs are available for all skill levels. The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, founded in 1844, is home to a distinguished sailing academy, and the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club offers a year-round learn-to-sail program for junior and adult sailors.
  • Dive to Shipwrecks — Bermuda has more shipwrecks per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Here are the best places for divers and snorkelers to explore the island’s sunken treasures.
  • Rock Climb the Coastal Cliffs — Scale boulders and coastal cliffs around the island and you’ll understand why locals have affectionately nicknamed Bermuda “the Rock.”

Bermuda has everything you need for a relaxing and memorable trip. It is THE best destination to rejuvenate post-pandemic! 


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