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Better Organization Leads to a Joyful Life

Better Organization Leads to a Joyful Life

This Georgia-based company Roomganize®, whose slogan is to put the fun into organizing, recently put a luxury wooden box for organizing sunglasses on the market. It holds eight pairs of shades.

According to neatness guru, Marie Kondo, the way to organize one’s possessions is pretty straightforward:

Does this spark joy in you? If yes, it stays. If no, it leaves. What could be simpler than that?”

Roomganize claims its sunglass and jewelry case is a classy item that could help spark joy in anyone’s life. Like this: If there are Ray Ban sunglasses here, reading glasses there, Gucci sunglasses in the car, Oakley sunglasses in the bedroom, aviator glasses in the parlor, etc., they can all be gathered and safely tucked into the felt-lined Roomganize sunglass display box. Its top is transparent and allows the owner to see the eyewear and choose the look of the day without opening the box.

Samuel Whitfield, a spokesperson for the company, says:
We design products that are unique, useful and affordable. Our customers value us as evidenced by the glowing reviews we get. One customer wrote:

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“The quality of materials used in designing this are first class, top notch. The case is very elegant & definitely adds a very nice touch to our bedroom furniture. Speaks volumes that when you make a home for your sunglasses… That’s me… I like when my items have an elegant home in which to reside… where they are protected and easily plucked for our purpose of the day. Well done on creating this piece. Definitely nicer and more cost friendly than anything you’ll find at the container store.”

Roomganize has designed products to make home life more organized and free of clutter. Those interested in learning more about the Roomganize line can go to the company’s official website: www.roomganize.com or their Amazon storefront.

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