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Biggest Luxury Sneaker Collaborations this Winter 2020/2021

Biggest Luxury Sneaker Collaborations this Winter 2020/2021

Biggest Luxury Sneaker Collaborations

Now I wouldn’t call myself a “sneakerhead,” but I do love a nice looking pair of kicks. However, with my current budget, I usually stick with the Nike shoe brand since it’s relatively “affordable” and according to my father, we are a “Nike family,” which means buying other brands is treason. 

However, I do find myself looking at luxury shoe brands from time to time because not only would they look amazing on my feet, but they are also very innovative with their designs. Some of the most innovative and stylish designs come from brand collaborations, like Travis Scott x Nike Dunk and BAPE x XO, that any regular person and show fanatic would love. Here are some of the most significant collaborations that have come out of this winter season. 

Adidas x Prada

A classic shoe like the Adidas Superstar is stylish on its own with the iconic trefoil on the side and the now famous rubber softshell at the front. After its successful first release, Prada and Adidas are teaming up again. The collaboration will bring three variations; consumers can choose between an all-black monochrome look, metallic reflection or the original design. No matter your style, you can find something that fits your needs. 

Reebok X La Haine

Biggest Luxury Sneaker Collaborations

For my foreign film lovers, this shoe is your calling. Released in 1995, La Haine, directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, is a French film masterpiece about three young friends and their struggles of living in Paris as one of their friends is hospitalized by the police during an interrogation. This collaboration will not only be releasing shoes in black and white colourways, but also clothing to match. If you’re interested in iconic 90s looks, then this may be right for you!

Adidas X Khaite

Biggest Luxury Sneaker Collaborations

Luxury American brand Khaite and Adidas are joining forces and bringing back the classic Country OG in a luxe navy blue and beige. The very stylish and comfortable shoe from the 70s has been making a comeback in recent years; Khaite even collaborated with Prada. This time, Khaite will be taking the reigns and bringing a classic American look to the German shoe. If you’re always complaining that your feet are hurting, then this shoe is right for you. 

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Balenciaga X Vibram

You may have already heard of Balenciaga, but Vibram may not be on your radar unless you are an avid rock climber. The Italian company is known for its comfortability and durability while hiking and climbing, and now they are combining their famous five-finger design with Balenciaga’s well-known sock design. The innovative shoe will also be sporting a heel design, which is sure to provide extra comfort when walking (or climbing, if that suits you). 

Veja x Rick Owens

Biggest Luxury Sneaker Collaborations

If your taste is more centred around being environmentally friendly, then these are the shoes for you. The French company Veja is well known for its sustainability and fair trade efforts around the world and bringing that to every aspect of their shoe, from the rubber to the cotton. They have even taken it a step further to make a quality and eco-friendly shoe affordable by putting no money into advertising. Now paired with the design of American Rick Owens, the Runner Style Two and Runner Style Mid is a great sustainable addition for any “sneakerhead” that wants to make a positive impact with their purchase. 

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