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Bridal Glow by Zeyl Beauty launch

Bridal Glow by Zeyl Beauty launch

Everything you need to know about this all-natural luxury skincare brand

Bridal Glow is a Canadian female-founded skincare brand that works with a team of renowned experts to develop exceptional plant-based products to leave skin feeling healthy and glowy. We had the pleasure to interview the founders of Bridal Glow: self-care and skin care specialists Shanzeyl and Niha are South Asian sisters with an educational background in derma science, medical esthetics and makeup artistry. They have studied skincare from all different angles. So we can confidently say they know what they are talking about!

Bridal Glow is an all-natural ingredient luxury skincare brand powered by science. They are committed to using only natural, cruelty-free, fragrance-free and vegan ingredients in all their products. They want to stay as far away as possible from any toxins. Every Bridal Glow product is for all skin types and for any age.

After starting their careers in the beauty industry, they discovered a mutual obsession with natural remedies. They realized how powerful the earth’s most simple elements are from sea salt to turmeric. Shanzeyl and Niha recognized the benefits of natural ingredients and wanted to share their beauty secrets with other skin enthusiasts. 

They have 15 years of combined experience in skincare, and they realized something was missing in the industry which was a high-quality line made from real and natural ingredients. They took it upon themselves to create a brand where real and natural ingredients are the foundation of their products. Not only are the ingredients in their products something we can all pronounce, but they actually work. It makes you glow from the inside out. Don’t we all want to use products that are not only good for our skin but that actually work? 

As advocates for health and wellness, Shanzeyl and Niha’s biggest skincare advice is that healthy skin is “inside out”. They are big believers in good nutrition and great hydration as it will leave your skin feeling and looking healthy. “Keeping up with a solid skincare routine, and getting some Vitamin D never hurts!”

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We are very excited about Bridal Glow’s launch. You can learn more about Bridal Glow and get the latest updates on their website or their socials @BridalGlow where they will be announcing their launch date and other exciting news! You can also stay up to date on any upcoming products as they have a whole array of all-natural skincare products lined up!

Bridal Glow

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