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Bridgerton Inspired Spring 2022 Trends

Bridgerton Inspired Spring 2022 Trends

Dearest Spring readers, the newest Bridgerton season is here and with the romance, steaminess, and anticipation comes all the diamond-esque beauty looks, hairstyles, and fashion inspo. There is much to tell, so fear not because we are here to spill all of the tea on the trendiest looks this season!

Although it is not 1813, as it is in this popular Netflix series, there is tons of inspiration that grows from the show and into daily pop culture and fashion trends. This inspiration has allowed for a more delicate, soft, and graceful approach to these trends. In order to follow the Bridgerton influenced trends for this weather season, it is important to keep note of the fabrics, neckline, colours, and any additional detail that is recognized from the fashions on the show. Among all, we are most excited to share the romanticized fashions that were such an influence for this Spring 2022.




Expect to see a growth in delicate and lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, and tulle. Other popular fabrics seen on the show are medium weight and luxurious fabrics, such as satin and velvet. These fabrics all together offer the premium and romantic quality that Bridgerton encompasses throughout the entire series altogether.




As seen on Bridgerton, rounded, square, or U-shaped necklines are shown to be the staple. These necklines will for sure follow fashion trends in showcasing your beautiful elongated neck as it did on the women in the show. As Lady Danbury once said “Sharpened wit, wardrobe and eye”.




Going into trending colours, keep an eye out for pastel hues, teal, champagne and brighter tones such as yellow and orange. These colours have taken a front seat and will lead as top colours for the Spring and Summer.




Beading, embroidery, florals, and puff capped sleeves are all examples of how small details can add to any outfit. Aside from all of these additional details that add to a look, a detail, in particular, that is regularly shown on the show as an added accessory is  the beautiful silky long gloves. Gloves aren’t only seen on Bridgerton but also on big celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, and high end luxurious fashion brands.

Be sure to stream season two of Bridgerton on Netflix and don’t forget to let us know what style trends you’re looking forward to incorporating into your spring wardrobe!

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