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Chic Made Consciously

Chic Made Consciously

As designers prepare to showcase their work at Startup Fashion Week, the top startup fashion event in Canada, we had a chance to sit down with one of the featured designers, Cassandra Ciarallo to learn more about the fashion statement that she is making with sustainable fashion through her brand Chic Made Consciously.

It was during one of her travels to Bali, Indonesia that Cassandra walked down the streets and came across a shop where she met artisan Dana creating accessories from repurposed tire inner tubes. She fell in love with his magnificent work and was invited to spend the day creating and working with the material herself and the rest is history.

In this interview, we learn more about the work that she is doing in sustainable fashion and some of the challenges in her journey of creating her one-of-a-kind jewelry.

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Cassandra also shares her ‘collective’ vision for sustainable fashion and her one piece of advice for budding fashion designers in this ever-changing industry. Press play and enjoy!

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