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Cool Casual Style in 4 Ridiculously Easy Steps

Cool Casual Style in 4 Ridiculously Easy Steps

When I say, “I don’t like fashion”, people tend to look at me weird, and as someone who often ventures into the Fashion Industry, I think their reaction is quite legit. What I mean by my statement is: I don’t enjoy fashion shows or read every single article about the new it-bag in town. But, girl, I love clothes! My passion is shopping for new items, getting dressed every morning, and learning every day what works for me and what doesn’t.

I don’t care much about how people perceive me but rather, how I feel about myself, and because of that, casual has always been my style. I have to feel comfortable, confident and, of course, pretty in my outfits—and I believe that’s the goal of most of us, right?

However, I don’t like to feel muted either, so adding “something more” is always a must for me. So, I like to call my everyday style Cool Casual Style, but I don’t even know if it’s actually a thing. When people ask me to explain it I just answer with, “it’s a casual, but not boring, style.”  And in this post, I’m going to share with you the four steps I follow every day when I get dressed.

1. Be Comfortable

The foundation of the casual style is comfort. So before anything, you have to think about your day ahead. I say that because comfort is not a science, it depends on the situation.

For example, if you’re going to spend all day away from home, ride public transportation, walk a thousand miles, and extend your work hours on top of that, you should choose flat shoes and loose-fitting pants.

But if you’re going to a specific location, by car and for a limited time, high heels can be a comfortable choice. So, think ahead and imagine what type of clothes would make you feel better.

2. Start with the Basics

The secret of casual style is to combine basic items that build a unique outfit. Start with a basic shirt/tee/blouse and a basic bottom: jeans, skirt, shorts, etc.

And if you’re asking yourself how to identify basic items, I have a trick for that: think about the pieces you wear the most or those you grab automatically if you suddenly remembered you have to be on the other side of the town in 5 minutes. See? Your brain already knows it!

3. Make it “Cool”

Now is the time to have fun! After you have your basic outfit try to incorporate one unique/bold element to it. It can be a hat, a colorful necklace, a belt… I’m sure you have something to go a little further!

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Try to stretch out of your comfort zone. I know I said comfort is the foundation, but remember: once you pass your limits, even by little, that area will become part of your comfort zone and you’ll have more space to play with clothes and have fun with them.

4. Imagine your Ideal Situation

Now that you’re ready, ask yourself what items could make your outfit even better but you don’t have any. Make a list from it so you can use it next time you go shopping.

Most of the time, people don’t know what to shop for because they’ve never thought about what they really need. It also prevents you from buying unnecessary things and thinking that you never have the “right thing” to wear.

Trust me, if you do this “exercise” every day you’ll feel more confident next time you go shopping and will buy things that are actually useful for YOU. 

With time, the magic will happen: you’re going to get dressed every day without even thinking about it. People will remember you as a stylish person and yet you won’t care at all, because by that time you’re going to feel confident enough to know that the only opinion that matters is yours.

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