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Dainty Jewelry – A must, not only for the summer but for everyone’s personal jewelry collection

Dainty Jewelry – A must, not only for the summer but for everyone’s personal jewelry collection

Dainty Jewelry

Delicate, minimal, and effortlessly chic, dainty jewelry is a trend that will never go out of style. This summer, we see various jewelry trends ranging from chunky chains to beaded bright colours, organic pearls, unique shapes, and of course, classic and delicate everyday iconic pieces. Of all the jewelry trends in current style, delicate jewelry will continue to be a popular pick, not only during this season but for the many seasons ahead. We are here to let you in on some of the top 2021 dainty jewelry pieces that are a must for this summer and your overall jewelry collection! 

Petite and pretty, dainty jewelry is not only subtle but is also lightweight and comfortable to wear. Continuing from last year’s comfort trends, this year, in 2021, we are seeing delicate jewelry remain on top. Besides being easy to wear, fine jewelry is also interchangeable and can complete any outfit no matter your style. When styling this type of jewelry, you can do so in a variety of ways. You can customize your own look through; mixing and matching, layering, or stacking jewelry to your liking. 

This summer in fine jewelry, expect to see popularity in layered and linked chains, huggie hoops, pendants, modern pearls, florals, zodiac signs, beads with pops of colours, charms, and initials. Every style listed here can be customized to your liking and worn both casually and in a way to elevate your outfit. What is great about delicate jewelry is that it can add character to your everyday style even though it is so fine and minimal. This is the kind of jewelry you can wear all year round and to any occasion by dressing it up or down. All you have to do is get a bit creative. 

Dainty Jewelry

You are looking to spend a bit more on this style of jewelry, make sure that the winning piece captures your attention. Simple jewelry is an investment as it will last you years, so you want to ensure this piece brings you joy. What makes this type of jewelry so special, no matter the cost, is the potential it has to carry sentimental value in each piece as it can hold many stories behind it. When purchasing and/or wearing dainty jewelry this summer, remember that less is more and these unique pieces that are added together will not only complement, but complete your outfit!

Dainty Jewelry

Overall, this gentle style of jewelry is comfortable, extremely versatile, and will forever be timeless. You can wear this style all year round, and depending on how you care for your jewelry, it can last a lifetime. Different techniques can be created to get the look you are going for by being imaginative and piecing them together. Bring out your creativity this summer by testing out a new approach to your everyday jewelry looks.

Dainty Jewelry

For the ultimate dainty jewelry inspiration, check out our specialty list of top trending picks for iconic staples like chains, pearls, pendants and more! 






 Layered Spheres Necklace by Mejuri – $85



Endless Ocean Blue Sapphire Necklace by bluboho – $848 


Local Eclectic: Girls Crew Collection

Andromeda Necklace set by Local Eclectic – $115


Local Eclectic: Family Gold Collection

Solid Gold Chain Ring by Local Eclectic – $45





Ana Luisa

Frida by Ana Luisa – $58.40


Poppy Finch

Keshi Pearl Bead Chain Bracelet by Poppy Finch – $375


Gjenmi Jewelry

Forever Pearl Necklace by Gjenmi Jewelry – $430





Pilgrim Jewellery

Elin Necklace by Pilgrim Jewellery – $44


Lee Fiori

Engravable Heart Charm Necklace by Lee Fiori – $179


Boutique 1861

Amicus Silver | Heart Pendant Necklace by Boutique 1861 – $32

See Also


Huggie Hoops:




Chubbie Hoops 14k tube hoops by Oremme – $331



Double Huggie Hoops by Baublebar – $58


Local Eclectic: Family Gold Collection


Solid gold Chain Link Huggie Hoops by Local Eclectic – $115


Zodiac Signs & Florals:



Local Eclectic: Family Gold Collection

Solid Gold Essential Zodiac Studs by Local Eclectic – $115


Local Eclectic: For You, With Love Collection

Birth Flower Signet ring by Local Eclectic – $62

Don’t miss out on the dainty jewelry trend this summer and be sure to grab some chic and classic pieces for your collection! 


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