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Daydream with Canada’s First Hemp and Adaptogen Infused Sparkling Water

Daydream with Canada’s First Hemp and Adaptogen Infused Sparkling Water

We all love a good drink, whether it’s to relax, refresh, or hydrate. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all, and then some, in one can? Introducing the solution: Daydream, Canada’s first hemp-infused sparkling water featuring three interesting flavours, no sugar or caffeine, and full of good-for-you adaptogens (herbal supplements that aid our bodies to adapt to physical and mental stress). 

Its ingredients can help boost your immune system, which is great during the current pandemic (sorry, I had to mention it), and it’s known to reduce stress, increase focus, and improve mental cognition. Ingredients like moringa, ginseng, Schisandra, and of course, hemp extracts are uniquely combined with other natural flavours to make a very tasty drink, that is also perfect for that mid-day slump! 

Check out the newest contribution to the food and beverage world, from the Daydream team themselves! 

They’ve noticed many people using Daydream as a non-alcoholic alternative, or even as a 0-sugar mixer for cocktails. For instance, you can try subbing Cucumber Lime in a gin and tonic and add a stick of thyme as well. The Cucumber Lime accentuates the gin perfectly while offering a sugar-free alternative to tonic water, which is usually high in sugar content.  

To start you off, here are two official cocktail recipes from the Daydream team: 

The Hacker Cocktail

2 oz black vodka

1 oz fresh lime juice

¾ oz chambord 

+Top with Blackberry Chai Daydream!

——— ———– ———

——— ———– ———

Fireplace Cocktail

1 oz gin

Chai tea

Ice cubes

6 blackberries

+Blackberry Chai Daydream

——— ———– ———

——— ———– ———

If you’re trying to give your liver a break (or letting your liver relax before the holiday season), here’s a fun mocktail idea from the mixologist at the Soho House:

Mad Scientist Mocktail

1 oz ginger syrup

2 chilli peppers

¾ oz lime juice

2 oz pineapple juice

Mint leaves

+Top with Cucumber Lime Daydream

These recipes have been Daydream approved and the Blackberry Chai flavour is definitely my favourite. Don’t let us stop you from finding your own favourite mixture. Be your own mixologist; find what suits your fancy and let us know in the comments what your favourites are – so we can try them too! 
Find Daydream at a local store near you (also available at select major grocery stores), including many restaurants and cafés too!

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