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Designer Chronicles: Kristen Reid for Lore Collective

Designer Chronicles: Kristen Reid for Lore Collective

Putting aside her books and choosing to pursue her passion for designing, everything worked out for the former Dalhousie University English student Kristen Reid. Her line Lore Collective—which took shape when she was preparing for Dal’s Vaudeville Fashion Design Show — showed her talent earlier in March 2019 at Paris Fashion Week.

When asked about how she started off with fashion designing, Reid told us, “I was a student at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia for English. I really wasn’t happy, and always found myself drawn to the industry— I modelled when I was very young in Toronto, and worked behind-the-scenes, also. So, it didn’t surprise me that I wanted to design my own collection. I joined the fashion society as a designer and marketer. It kind of grew from there; Students would ask me to make clothes for them after the show, and the demand grew, so I decided to turn this into a brand”.

Lore’s manufacturing is based out of New York. However, Reid calls Halifax home and likes to showcase local talent. Talking about her struggle during her fashion designing journey, Reid reminisced about the moment when she wanted to give up. “When the demand grew for us, out of the country. We had so many boutiques, and independent online sellers reach out, and we just weren’t there yet to meet the demand. It was such a feeling of defeat that we couldn’t send a bunch of clothing out for boutiques to see. We were just too small at the time”, Reid said.

When she needs a break from the creative process, Reid says that books are her escape when she is feeling drained. This year alone, she has surpassed her goal by reading 100 books, which is the sole thing that inspires her to deliver her best creations as of yet. Also, being a fan of Ariana Grande, Reid strongly believes that her music brings out inspiration for her designs. Not only her, but brands like Chloe, Ganni, and Celine (circa. Pheobe Philo era) have influenced the directions she has taken in her designs so far.

When asked about her style of clothing she produces, she described it as ‘Scandinavian.’ “The idea of Scandi style is that “everything must go with everything,” and I feel like that is just a great way to encompass every style that I love! I always have been a little gothic at heart, and I try to incorporate that into my style. I also am in love with the oversized Boho influence, so mix that together, and boom. Scandi style”, Reid said.

When talking about her grand vision for her fashion line, Reid proudly says, “I want us to be fully sustainable, and every employee to feel protected and secure in their jobs with us. Of course, someone is always going to be unhappy with any job they are in, but I want to be able to say that I know my employees are being treated well and feel accomplished in working for us. It would be great to see more brands reach out to sustainable territory. We could only hope that we inspire others to do the same.”

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After doing shows in Atlantic Fashion Week, Toronto’s Startup Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, Reid is looking forward to her new adventure where fate leads her to and advised newcomers in this field to “strive to be the best person you can be, without worrying about ‘competition’ or what your peers think and move forward with kindness to yourself, and others, and you’ll find you will have a lot of people rooting for you.”

You can check out her latest fashion outfits on her website, Lorecollective.ca and Instagram @lorecollective.

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