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Editor’s Letter April 2021

Editor’s Letter April 2021

Editor’s Letter April 2021

Whenever I choose our colour of the month it amazes me how aligned the colour meaning is with the times. For yellow, the part that catches my attention the most is where it says: “helping us to find new ways of doing things.” Doesn’t it feel like we are pretty much at that point? I don’t know about you, but it’s starting to feel like face masks, sanitizers and social distancing are here to stay and I can’t help but wonder about the permanent impact that COVID is having on our lives.

That being said, embracing “newness” has never been a problem. It’s the process of change that normally puts people into a state of doubt and panic and worry and confusion and for the most part, it’s where a lot of us continue to be. But, I know my fellow optimists are beginning to see the yellow rays of light behind our gray clouds.

I want to leave you all with encouragement from the keywords in our colour story today.

Hope: We can put our hope in the fact that nothing is forever and things always change. In 2020, when people were saying that it would take a year to get the vaccine, it felt like forever and now here we are, millions of people already vaccinated (including my parents 😊). It’s a sign that we are a step closer to victory over this virus and we only need to hang on and have hope.

Happiness: Do you know what it takes to make and keep you happy? Many people make the mistake of turning to others for their happiness or leaving the responsibility of their happiness in someone else’s hands. The truth is that happiness is an inside job. It’s born from the joy that lives inside of you naturally. Next time you catch yourself smiling from the inside out, make a note of that moment. What’s happening around you, what’s being said, where are you? What are you thinking and feeling? Document that moment and bring it back to memory every time those gray clouds start coming around.

Fun: This is one area where we definitely need to start thinking about new ways of having fun. Start doing your online research and then schedule those fun days into your week. Some of us need to re-learn what fun looks like. What did we use to do for fun before COVID and what can we do now to bring fun back? I’m thinking of long drives up north and picnics. Family BBQ’s, games night, movie night, dancing, singing a cocktail soiree for 1 or 2. Google could probably give you more ideas than I can but you get the idea.

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The point is to reintroduce the good feelings and emotions that we once had about life. Now that we’re beginning to feel the warmth of the sun again and enjoy the presence of its golden rays and with the vaccine rolling out around the world, it’s time we put on a little hope. Find our happiness and have some fun!

I’ll see you on the sunny side 😊

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