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Editor’s Letter February 2021

Editor’s Letter February 2021

Happy Black History Month!

My fondest memory during Black History Month was in high school when one of my teachers was approved to teach a Black History course. It was truly a moment to remember because she ensured she gave us more than the rundown of historical moments and iconic people who paved the way for many of my Black brothers and sisters today. She also arranged a Black history trip; we made stops in Ontario and Detroit and had the opportunity to relive (somewhat) the experiences of slaves crossing over from America to Canada.

We stayed at guest homes like the slaves had to do when they were crossing over. We visited historical landmarks and of course, we had fun and got to bond with our classmates along the way.

I remember we even worked on a project where everyone was tasked with recreating a part of the trip. One student painted a mural of slaves being taken from the motherland and my project was the recreation of a plantation. We setup one room in the school like an art exhibition; all students at the school could participate and learn about things like the auction block and the ships that brought our Black ancestors here, as well as how they were meant to lay side-by-side in chains, getting seasick on one-another.

Throughout our learning, our teacher was not just teaching Black history, but she was making Black history. At the time, not many schools (if any) were teaching Black history and they certainly weren’t taking students on journeys to relive and rediscover the path of our ancestors. She was able to incorporate learning with making wonderful memories and ultimately, that would stick with us for a lifetime and allow us to appreciate where who we really were and where we came from.

Personally, this has always been my focus for Black History Month: to remember the past, as well as highlight the Black history that is being made today. There are so many Black artists and professionals who are making waves in the world and their stories deserve a spot in the history books, where they can inspire the generations to come.

At FBI STYLE, we feel strongly about promoting Black brands and entrepreneurs, not only because Black Lives Matter but for the sheer magnificence of the work and the beauty, artistry and genius that goes into what so many Black people are creating today. We/They deserve the acknowledgement and attention.

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I encourage you to seek out and support Black brands and entrepreneurs, not only this month but forever; and teach your children and grandchildren to do the same. In doing so, you ignite the fire that creates legacies and gives us all a fair chance to prosper and create impact.

Let’s make Black History together.

P.S. Thank you Mrs. Thomas 😊

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