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Editor’s Letter March 2021

Editor’s Letter March 2021


Ladies and gentlemen! It pleases me to announce that we are exactly 20 days away from one of the greatest seasons of the year: The Spring!!!

In a few short weeks, we are going to begin to feel the warmth of the weather on our faces and see the green of nature’s beautiful trees and flowers make it’s special appearance once again.

It’s a special time of year when all that was dead, comes back to life and I look forward to it with such excitement I can barely contain myself. And yes, I was born in the Spring (May) so I do have a personal connection to the season.

Our colour story highlights green as the colour of life, renewal and energy. As we sit and pray for the days when COVID will be a distant memory, we can only hope that the coming of this season of renewal will mean renewal for us as a community, a country and a global village. Whenever you go through dark and uncertain times, at some point, you eventually reach the light and you get to a point of stability. Most of you will find that you have new strength and new confidence having gotten through such a dark period.

Another part of the colour story talks about harmony and safety. There is nothing more harmonious than when people work together. If we focus on working together to finally be free of this pandemic, then the only reasonable result will be our safety. 

Yes, it’s a challenge to be locked indoors all the time and not being able to visit family and friends or to have a meal at your favourite restaurant but even though we are slowly but surely reopening the world, wouldn’t it be worth it to hang out in the house just a wee bit longer so we can truly put COVID behind us? When the lockdown lifted after the first wave, it sent us right into the second wave and so my technicolour dream is that people would decide on their own to not rush to be out and about but to give a little more time to really and truly die down and go away.

But who am I kidding? Even I, the work-from-home introvert am itching to go spend time somewhere outside of the home and to travel and go eat at the restaurant down the street. But I’ll take one for the team if it means our safety.

I say all this to say that Spring is coming and it could be the beginning of something new and great for all of us if we continue to play it safe. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize; the bigger picture, and that is a COVID-free world.

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