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Entertainment News Weekly Roundup: The Good, The Bad & Everything In Between

Entertainment News Weekly Roundup: The Good, The Bad & Everything In Between

New Year, new news – just kidding, it may be a new year, but we’re dealing with a lot of the same entertainment news. There are some engagement and baby announcements, as well as some more Covid rule breakers and of course, a ton of social media trolls teaming up to participate in cancel culture or judging our favourite A-listers’ every single move.

Regardless of the news, unless it’s someone going for a stroll, I’m always here for the drama. I know I can always count on entertainment news to either brighten my day, make me question my life choices or give me something good to gossip about in my social (bubble) circles. Whether it’s good, bad or everything in between, we’ve got it all – read on for all the new year shenanigans. 

The Good

NEW COUPLE ALERT: Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde! If this is any indication of how 2021 will proceed, then I have never been happier. TMZ reported that the pair were seen holding hands at a small wedding in California. Olivia recently split from actor Jason Sudeikis who she was engaged to for over seven years; the pair have two children. Now, I’m not usually one to read into celebs holding hands, but I have high hopes for the new year and Halivia… Olivarry… okay, maybe I’ll leave relationship names to someone else.

Emma Stone is pregnant! The actress is expecting her first child with husband Dave McCary (they reportedly tied the knot in September 2020); he’s a writer on Saturday Night Live. Congratulations to her and her unborn child; Emma seems like so much fun and I’m sure she’ll be an awesome mom!

Ciara looks amazing with pink hair. That’s all. That’s the good news.

Source: Twitter @ciara

The Bad

It almost seems like every bit of good news comes with an equal amount (if not more) of bad news. After 18 months of marriage, Zoë Kravitz filed for dicorce from her husband Karl Glusman. According to People, Karl shared a loving message when the pair celebrated their first anniversary in June 2020. He wrote, “Not the year we expected… but I feel like if we can make it through this, we can take on anything.” I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I guess they can’t take on anything. Oh, and one last thing, you may have heard the rumours of Zoë already dating Channing Tatum, but according to People, it’s not true. 

I don’t know about you, but I love tattoos and my guilty pleasure is and always has been Justin Bieber. So, that brings me to the bad news – Justin posted a video of his (temporary) tattoo removal process for his new music video “Anyone.” Don’t get me wrong – it’s all amazing and he looks great, but he’s just not himself without the tattoos. And I know, he’s not meant to be himself in the video – he’s acting as someone who doesn’t have tattoos. Anyway, watch Justin in all his untatted glory below.

TMZ reported that music mogul Dr. Dre suffered a brain aneurysm on Monday, but was in the ICU in stable condition; tests are underway to find the cause of the aneurysm. All of this comes amid an ongoing and messy divorce battle with his ex Nicole Young, his wife of 24 years. We’re sending love, light and prayers to the legend! Get well soon, Dr. Dre.

Once upon a time, a bunch of white dudes were cast in Marvel’s Avengers movies. They got buff, ripped, or whatever you want to call being extremely muscular; seriously, have you seen Chris Hemsworth? Then, along came Kumail Nanjiani who announced his new role as Kingo Sunen in the upcoming Marvel movie, The Eternals. As many of the Marvel characters had previously done, he’s on a strict diet and workout routine and let me tell you, he’s been killing it for over a year! Cut to the bad news: Kumail posted a casual photo on Instagram and all of a sudden, he’s dealing with a ton of unnecessary backlash. Trolls are accusing him of steroid use and perpetuating unrealistic body images. Again, have you seen Thor Chris Hemsworth or any other Chris associated with Marvel? Why isn’t anyone coming for those guys?

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Everything in Between

It seems like we’ll have to start referring to Kimye as Kim and Ye, as Kim Kardashian is preparing to divorce Kanye West. They started dating in 2012 and wed in 2014 – seems like a pretty good run for Hollywood. The couple have four children together: North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm, who are seven, five, two and 19 months respectively. I would say grab a drink and watch the potential drama unfold, but unfortunately or maybe fortunately, we won’t get to see it play out on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which recently filmed its final season.

You know those people who seem too perfect to be real? It’s almost like you’re waiting for them to screw up or at least be bad at one minor thing. That’s never been the case with Zendaya (Shake It Up, am I right?) who is awesome at every single thing she has done. It’s no surprise that she secretly filmed Malcolm & Marie during quarantine. It’s not even a surprise that the film is already creating Oscar-buzz. However, in efforts to keep the crew bubble extremely small, she even did her own hair and makeup for the movie. Forget about being a team player, she’s the whole team. This is amazing news and thus, should be at the top, but I really wanted to end on a good note – and Zendaya is stunning! 

Did we miss anything? Want to talk about it as badly as we want to hear about it? Leave a comment or chat with us on Twitter or Instagram – we love to gossip!

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