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Entertainment News Weekly Roundup: The Good, The Bad & Everything In Between

Entertainment News Weekly Roundup: The Good, The Bad & Everything In Between

Rumours spread like wildfire in Hollywood. I don’t mind – if it was any other way, I wouldn’t be writing about it as much. We love to hear what “sources” or “a friend close to the couple” spill about all the relevant drama.

One of my favourite things to gossip about is celebrity engagements. Unless a couple comes right out and publicly announces their engagement, it’s usually up for discussion and since we don’t have actual confirmation, there’s a lot to discuss. There’s always some sort of speculation about the intended status of the relationship and famous couple’s future plans.

We’ve also become obsessed with the mere sighting of a ring on a wedding finger. For the most part, it doesn’t change the status of a relationship – sure, it’s one step closer to marriage and some people love the fiancé stage, but relationship statuses change so quickly in Hollywood! Quite frankly, it could just be a fashion statement or even a publicity stunt; again, until we’ve got confirmation from a rep or the actual couple, it’s nothing more than an expensive (more than likely a massive diamond) ring and an elaborate discussion.

One minute there’s a ring, the next day it’s gone. One day there’s an announced engagement, only to be called off a few weeks later – but don’t worry, they probably went their separate ways and will remain friends because it was an amicable split – as we’ve heard time and time again.

Engagement, fashion, publicity stunt – whatever the occasion, celebs know how to leave us talking, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s this week’s entertainment news – the good, the bad and everything in between.

The Good

Kelly Rowland announced the birth of her second son with husband Tim Weatherspoon. The singer shared the sweetest picture on Instagram, letting the world know baby Noah was born “On the 21st day, of the 21st year, of the 21st Century.” Kelly and Tim are already parents to their 6-year-old son Titan. Congratulations to Kelly and her beautiful family!

Happy Super Bowl! Personally, I’ll be impatiently waiting to see what The Weekend has in store for halftime (I’m not a huge sports fan). He apparently spent millions of his own money to make it an epic show. His manager said The Weeknd wanted to “make this halftime show be what he envisioned.” I can’t wait to see what he envisioned!

Lizzo – I love the way she inspires others to love themselves. She, as well as many others in today’s broken society, have struggled to stay positive. However, she hasn’t given up; in fact, she’s given us hope and positive vibes to push through rough times. In a recent Instagram post, she enlightened her fans with a simple daily routine; check it out below.

The Bad

Dustin Diamond, better known as Screech Powers from the original Saved by the Bell, has passed away. Many were curious of his whereabouts in the recent reboot of the popular 90s TV show that aired its first season in November 2020. According to People, Dustin was diagnosed just three weeks ago with stage 4 small cell carcinoma; the cancer spread quickly. His fellow Saved by the Bell have sent messages of prayers and condolences. 

I don’t know how many of you follow Gen Z news – but I found the next story pretty amusing. If you’ve ever used TikTok, you should be somewhat aware of Charli D’Amelio – the most followed person on TikTok; she’s 16. Anyway, over the weekend, fans took to social media to support singer Charli XCX, whose friend recently passed. The trend #HereForCharli  quickly made its rounds and found its way to Charli (the TikTok one) who mistakenly thought the support was for her. It wasn’t, but I’m sure her fans would rush to her virtual side, if needed. She also mistakenly thanked her fans on Twitter.

Everything in Between

Finally, circling back to the beginning of this post, Megan Fox was captured on camera wearing a rather large ring on her wedding finger. The obvious speculation was a supposed engagement to boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly. Sources have mentioned she’s looking for a quick divorce from her ex, Brian Austin Green. Following the engagement rumours, Megan posted the perfect comeback: a NSFW photo of her hand with an interesting ring on her wedding finger (see below). Can we just point out that she didn’t really deny the engagement? I would just like to put it out there: it could still be an engagement ring, but it could also just be a potential F-U to all the nosy people getting in her business – like me.

Source: Instagram @meganfox

Did we miss anything? Want to talk about it as badly as we want to hear about it? Leave a comment or chat with us on Twitter or Instagram – we love to gossip!

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