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Entertainment News Weekly Roundup: The Good, The Bad & Everything In Between

Entertainment News Weekly Roundup: The Good, The Bad & Everything In Between

Entertainment News Weekly Roundup

This might not be the intro you want, but it’s all I’m thinking about, so it’s the intro you’re going to get. 

I think the rom-com Gods heard/read my thoughts last week about my favourite cheesy movies. We were blessed with a beautiful picture of Jennifer Garner and Mark Rufflalo, who starred in one of my all-time favourite movies: 13 Going on 30. I love them and this is the content we all needed for 2021 – here’s to hoping there’s a sequel in the making and we get to see Jenna and Matty in all their Razzle glory!

Also, if you were wondering, Shailene Woodley confirmed her engagement to NFL player Aaron Rodgers! Here’s the rest of the entertainment news – the good, the bad and everything in between.

The Good

Mandy Moore announced the birth of her son on Instagram. She’s one of those actresses that seems so genuinely nice that I am so genuinely happy for her and her husband Taylor Goldsmith. The This is Us cast is sending all the love for the first-time parents, including Chrissy Metz, who commented “The Goldsmith Three!” – a reference to “The Big Three” in the show. The baby’s name is August Harrison Goldsmith and this is him.

The Bad

Tiger Woods was involved in a serious car accident and though it’s since been reported that he is awake and responsive, he’ll face a tough road to recovery. The pro-golfer suffered serious injuries and has already undergone a surgical procedure. For now, we’ll keep him in our thoughts and hope for a quick and full recovery. For the full story, click here

Everything in Between

You may have heard – Kimye is over and we should probably start referring to them as separate individuals: Kim and Ye. There is a ton of news and gossip surrounding this ordeal, even though it’s no one’s business, as is most entertainment news, and yet, here we are – sticking ourselves in the middle of all of it. In our defense (and every other person who wants to get involved), there is so much gossip revolving around Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! For starters, many want to know how their assets will be divided. There was definitely a prenup agreement, but since the two got married, there have been shared investments, homes and businesses (Kimye’s estimated worth is over TWO BILLION DOLLARS), not to mention they share four (unusually beautiful) children. There’s also discussion about whether or not Kim will drop “West” from her last name. The obvious answer is duh, but for branding purposes, it may not be that simple; one of her million dollar ventures is called KKW Beauty – it’s literally an abbreviation for Kim Kardashian West. She could always drop West from her last name, but still use it as a part of her brand – her children are Wests. Finally, it’s a mystery if this whole situation, or any parts at all, will play out over the final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Oh yeah, and Khloe Kardashian has been seen wearing a very large diamond ring, leading many to wonder/believe that she may be engaged to Tristan Thompson. I smell another reality show in the works and I don’t hate it.

Did we miss anything? Want to talk about it as badly as we want to hear about it? Leave a comment or chat with us on Twitter or Instagram – we love to gossip!

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