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Entertainment News Weekly Roundup: The Good, The Bad & Everything In Between

Entertainment News Weekly Roundup: The Good, The Bad & Everything In Between

It seems like no matter what celebrities (or anyone, for that matter) do, someone will always be lurking in the background or directly in front of their faces, to find a fault or mishap. Admittedly, many times, I believe it’s a publicity stunt and some celebs light their own fires then walk into it. That being said, social media trolls are no joke and they will find a way to rip apart the most heartfelt moments. 

No matter what we dig up and consider as good entertainment news, there will always be people who disagree. Vice versa, I can see how some people might think that bad news could be good news if looked at through the lens of an optimist. Regardless of the type of news, we’ve got it all! Don’t forget to let us know if you agree with how we categorized the good, the bad and everything in between this week.

The Good

The People’s Choice Awards aired this past weekend and while you can find a list of winners here, I’m more interested in showing you the awesomeness that is Tiffany Haddish. Her “red carpet” interview with Giuliana Rancic was amazing; she discussed not being homeless, thanks to Tyler Perry, amongst other things. The best part came right at the beginning – 16 seconds in, after she mentions she’s a “moist talker,” Giuliana asks her “How are you?” and her response: “I’m successful, how are you?” ICON.

Kudos to Marvel and everyone involved for respecting the Black Panther franchise and the impact of the late Chadwick Boseman. The studio won’t be using any kind of special effects to digitally recreate Boseman for future films. While speaking to Argentine newspaper Clarin, producer Victoria Alonso said, “No. There’s only one Chadwick, and he’s not with us.” Instead, they’re taking their time to honour and figure out what’s best for the franchise.

I can not stop laughing at Diddy diving into a pool. Diving is in italics because it’s not much of a dive. Buzzfeed also listed some Twitter reactions and I’m laughing harder.

All of a sudden, a bunch of ageless celebrities are letting us in on their secrets – or trying to cash in on their beauty. Either way, I’m probably buying whatever they’re selling. Alicia Keys is launching her own beauty and lifestyle brand, Keys Soulcare. The singer is also known for deciding to give up makeup in 2016 and though she has worn makeup since then, she does it on her own terms and is more focused on self-care and self-love. Next up, Pharrell – who looks the exact same today as he did 20 years ago. Did you know he’s 47-years-old? His skincare line, Humanrace, launches November 25. The products are genderless, vegan, appropriate for all skin types and the packaging is environmentally-friendly and totally reusable/refillable. One more ageless celeb: none other than the queen of ageless beauty herself, Jennifer Lopez. She teased her JLo Beauty line a couple months ago and let’s face it, no amount of makeup tutorials could help me recreate her iconic looks. But that doesn’t matter because it’s official – JLo Beauty is a skincare line and who doesn’t want flawless skin like Jenny from the Block? She said it herself on Instagram, “I can’t wait to share my skincare secrets with you!! JLO BEAUTY DROPS 1/1/21.” 2021 is looking up already; can’t say the same for my bank account!

The Bad

Although I may sound extremely biased (as a Cardi fan), can we really put all the blame on Cardi B for the alleged cultural appropriation in her recent mishap? She came under huge fire last week when she posted a photo of herself with eight extra arms (and holding her new Reebok shoe), mimicking a Hindu goddess. The picture was 100 per cent disrespectful and Cardi took responsibility for the offensive situation by saying she should have done more research and apologized. True, but my question is, doesn’t she have people working with her who should have been more aware? Where did they even get the idea for the photoshoot – maybe from a picture of the Hindu goddess? Should it have, maybe, I don’t know, sparked some further investigation into why this whole ordeal might be a huge problem? This guy’s tweet pretty much sums up everything wrong with the photo. Do better, people, DO BETTER!

Speaking of doing better – Melissa McCarthy is the next star to apologize for trying to do better. In an effort to give back and encourage others to donate, Melissa and her Superintelligence team (an HBO Max movie, not actually a team of super-intelligent people – well I guess they could be intelligent; I don’t know her team) created the “20 Days of Kindness” campaign. They are donating $20,000 to 20 different charities. Cool, right? Until, it was reported that one of the charities on the list, Exodus Cry, is aligned with its own list of questionable values (anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ+, pro-Hitler, to name a few). Melissa apologized in an Instagram post and was thankful for being called out on social media. She said, “There’s no other way to say it, we blew it.” Watch her full apology on Instagram.

Everything in Between

If something happened months ago, but we found out over the last week, is it still considered news? I don’t know. Regardless, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis moved to Splitsville, apparently at the beginning of the year, People reported. While it’s not new news, it’s definitely news to me. Is it good or bad news? It’s in between because I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it. The pair started dating in November 2011 and got engaged shortly after. Following a seven-year engagement, they called it quits. They have two children together – Otis, 6 and Daisy, 4.

If you’ve been out of the loop for the whole Taylor Swift/Scooter Braun saga, let me try to give you a very condensed history. In 2005, Taylor Swift signed with Big Machine Records. After the huge success of six albums, her 12-year contract ended in 2018. Taylor wanted to buy/own the rights to her master recordings, but Big Machine wanted her to re-sign and create new albums in exchange for her old ones. Taylor declined and signed to Universal Music Group. Meanwhile, Scooter Braun acquired Big Machine Records in June 2019, giving him the rights to Taylor’s masters. What followed was a whole lot of he said/she said. And that brings us to the present – November 2020, Scooter sells Taylor’s masters to some company called Shamrock! But November 2020 is also when her contract allows her to re-record albums one through five. She explained everything to her fans, including a letter she sent to the new owners of her music, read it here. My unwarranted opinion: I’m on Taylor’s side with this whole thing, but business-wise, Scooter timed this perfectly. He made a profit in the knick of time, selling her masters right before she re-records and diminishes the value of her old work. Coincidence? I think not.

Elon Musk did four rapid COVID-19 tests and said he got two positives and two negatives. Meanwhile, Erykah Badu got tested and received a positive from one nostril and a negative in the other. So, I don’t know what else to say about that. But if I’ve still got your attention, then I guess wear a mask, wash your hands, support local and stay safe.

Did we miss anything? Want to talk about it as badly as we want to hear about it? Leave a comment or chat with us on Twitter or Instagram – we love to gossip!

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