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Entertainment News Weekly Roundup: The Good, the Bad & Everything in Between

Entertainment News Weekly Roundup: The Good, the Bad & Everything in Between

It’s been a long week and we aren’t even at the end, but FBI STYLE has you covered. Here’s what’s been happening this week:

The Good

Kevin Hart’s wife, Eniko, gave birth to a baby girl (Kaori Mai Hart) last week, which isn’t really a big deal anymore. However, Eniko posted a new Instagram picture of the precious newborn and if that’s not a feel-good-moment that makes you smile, then maybe a new pregnancy will leave you beaming. 

Source: @enikohart Instagram

Eniko isn’t pregnant again, yet (I don’t think), but….

If you were ever a diehard Destiny’s Child fan and you loved Kelly Rowland,  you’ll be so excited for her pregnancy reveal. The 39-year-old star debuted her cute baby bump on the cover of Women’s Health magazine and talked about wanting a second child, being pregnant at almost 40, and wanting to put out new music. Kelly is married to Tim Weatherspoon and they share a 6-year-old son, Titan.

Source: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/life/a34114892/kelly-rowland-pregnancy-interview/

As many sports stars have branched out into acting, a Raptor’s all-star is doing the same. Well, it’s a movie about basketball, but no less of a feat for Kyle Lowry (anyone else read/hear his name the way they announce it before a game??). According to Adam Sandler, the Raptors star is set to appear in the basketball film called Hustle. Sandler told Jimmy Kimmel, “it’s a quick little thing,” but we still can’t wait to see him on the big screen.

The Bad

If you missed Rihanna’s stellar Savage X Fenty show, you can read all about the lingerie fashion event of a lifetime here! In all of its glory, someone (or maybe a few someones) may have overlooked a few critical and offensive details leaving Ri-Ri under major fire this week. Though the show is all about inclusivity, the singer admitted to accidentally and unintentionally disrespecting and offending the Muslim religion during one of the performances where models danced to a track that played verses from the Quran. The singer released an apology on the Savage X Fenty Instagram account stating, “I do not play with any kind of disrespect toward God or any religion and therefore the use of the song in our show was completely irresponsible! Moving forward we will make sure nothing like this ever happens again.”

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Everything in Between

The rock world lost a guitar legend this week. Eddie Van Halen passed away at the age of 65 on Tuesday October 6 after a long battle with cancer. Celebrities and fans from around the world have shared an outpour of love and memories. Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page paid tribute to Van Halen on Instagram, calling him “the real deal” and a pioneer in his profession.

Source: @jimmypage Instagram

Wendy Williams has gone viral (for the wrong reasons), yet again. Coronavirus – virus aside, the word itself has been used so frequently that it might just be my one-year-old’s first words. However, it seems as though Wendy Williams is still struggling with it. Everyone fumbles their words sometimes, but she clearly mispronounced the word, twice, during a recent segment where she pronounced it as “cornova.” Watch and listen to it (at the 2:25 mark), tell us what you think!

Well, that’s what we’ve got for now, but entertainment news never sleeps and something is bound to happen soon. Did we miss anything big that happened over the last couple days? Leave a comment or chat with us on Twitter or Instagram – we love to gossip!

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