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Everything You Need to Know About Three Ships

Everything You Need to Know About Three Ships

Three Ships is an all-natural skincare brand founded by Connie and Laura. Not only have they created an affordable and amazing skincare line, but they also love helping out the community in any way that they can. We had the pleasure of sitting down to interview Connie to learn more about Three Ships and their community work.

As a next-generation beauty brand, Toronto-based Three Ships melds nature with science to promote healthier skin. Its products are 100% plant-derived, with no artificial ingredients and are formulated according to strict European Union safety standards. This way they avoid 1400 potential toxins and chemicals! The brand is certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and is proudly manufactured in Canada. It was started in 2017 by Connie Lo and Laura Burget, two university graduates (then 23), out of a shared frustration with fallacious labels on skincare products that they couldn’t afford. With CDN$4,000, they rolled up their sleeves and began researching and formulating at Connie’s kitchen tables. Their goal was to create a skincare brand that is not only effective but affordable. Usually, other skincare brands that include many of the same ingredients that Three Ships uses will go for 3 or even 5 times higher than their price points but Connie and Laura are committed to always ensuring their products are under $45!

Three Ships mission from day one is to be the most transparent and natural beauty brand in the world! One of the main reasons for starting their own skincare brand is because they felt that consumers, including themselves, were being ripped off by very expensive beauty brands. In terms of sustainability, another important aspect to them, they use glass bottles wherever possible. They are even launching new printing packages in October that will save in the first year alone 550,000 plastic labels and 70,000 kilograms of plastic. All products come in 100% recyclable packing as well!

Another very unique yet important aspect of Three Ships’ product is the ingredients. They try their best to use ingredients that are not food grade. The reason why is because they don’t want to take away from the global food supply just to create skincare products.

One of the first stores to carry Three Ships is Holt Renfrew. When they met with the VP of beauty he mentioned that the reason why they were so interested to brin  g them in is that they need a more entry-level brand. That way more shoppers can buy high-quality products from Holt Renfrew but for a fraction of the price while still getting the same results!

Not only do Three Ships have amazing sustainable, effective and affordable products but as a brand, they give back to the community. Supporting women has always been very important to both Connie and Laura because when they started the brand when they were 23 and they didn’t see any role models within the beauty industry who were not already celebrities or influencers. And so, they wanted to be that person that other young business-minded people can look up to. To take it a step further and to support women on a wider scale, Connie and Laura started a blog series called “Her Hustle” where they feature different inspiring female founders to encourage and allow them to share their stories with young men and women.

The reason why Three Ships recently donated to women’s shelters was that they recently went through a rebrand (all product formulations remained the same) and they didn’t want to sell the products to stores. They wanted to do something more with their products. They researched and found the most in need women’s shelters in Toronto and went to the shelter’s that were interested in Three Ships products (who wouldn’t be obsessed with such a brand?). They dropped off hundreds of products at each of the shelters which put the biggest smile on the women’s faces and brought so much joy to both Connie, Laura and their wonderful team. Another reason they really wanted to focus on shelters in Toronto is that they are a Toronto-based brand and they wanted to help and give back locally first.

Another amazing way they give back is by giving a portion of sales to the Make a Wish Foundation in Canada! Laura, the co-founder of Three Ships, was diagnosed with a brain tumour 2 years ago and through that experience, they learned so much about the importance of health and being your own advocate. They instantly knew the type of business they wanted to be and the type of organizations they wanted to support through Laura’s experience. They want to help children who are suffering from brain tumours and cancer by supporting their wishes. Three Ships is determined to donate 100 wishes by 2023 which is almost a million dollars! It does not stop there, as they even donate Three Ship products to the parents, friends and family who are caring for the patient.

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From their products to giving back to the community, Three Ships is an all-around incredible brand! One of the many things I love about them is how carefully thought out everything is in their company and the ways in which everything is processed and created. I don’t know about you but I sure love supporting a brand that is not only effective, sustainable, affordable and loves to give back. You can tell how much they think about their consumers and the environment before anything else.

It was an absolute pleasure speaking to Connie, and I can tell right away how passionate both she and Laura are! Their journey is truly inspiring. I can’t wait to see what other amazing things they achieve next!

The brand has some exciting products and holiday sets coming out soon, so be sure to follow their Instagram to stay up to date on any upcoming products and company news!

Three Ships is currently available at Holt Renfrew, Hudson Bay, Urban Outfitters, Walmart.ca, Indigo.ca – they will soon be available at over 40 Indigo stores across Canada! In the US you can find them at Target and Whole Foods!

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