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Expressing Yourself Through Fashion

Expressing Yourself Through Fashion

Clothes have the power to make us feel amazing. So why is it then, that many of us play it safe when it comes to our fashion choices?

This tendency to want to “fit in”stops us from expressing ourselves freely. Everyday, we have a unique opportunity to show our individual style and personality through what we choose to wear and by playing it safe, we are only limiting ourselves. Below are some tips on how to be yourself while wearing clothing that you still feel comfortable in.

Dress For You

Up until grade 6, my goal with clothes was just to dress in a way that wouldn’t make me stand out because I didn’t want to be laughed at. When shopping, I always tried to remember how people in my class dressed and I would buy clothes that were similar. During those times I never felt fully like myself and I felt insecure with how I looked. 

The next year I finally found the confidence to start wearing the clothes that I felt best in and I started dressing for me, rather than my classmates. It was also around this time that I started my own fashion brand, which encourages people to do the same. I’m 15 years old now and ever since then, I have never felt more like myself.

Overcome Your Fashion Fears

The first-ever step in finding our own style is to overcome the fear of being judged. Whilst at times this is easier said than done, it is possible and anyone can do it. There is always pressure to fit in, especially in the teenage years and judging others is a negative human trait. However,  it is only how we feel about ourselves that matters.

Once you start experimenting with fashion and start dressing more for yourself, you will begin to develop your own unique style.  For some this could simply be wearing a pair of statement earrings, or committing to wearing colour more often. For me, it was bringing the designs that I had in my mind to life, along with experimenting with completely different aesthetics and forms of dressing. Personally, this was the first step in starting to figure out what I identified as, who I truly am and who I wanted to be. For the first time, I felt comfortable in what I was wearing -which was a huge success in itself! 

Experimenting with different looks is truly the fun part! 

Allow yourself to be limitless with this and remember that your race, gender, sexual orientation, belief systems, etc should never be a factor as to why you are/aren’t wearing something you like. 

Fashion exists to make you feel like yourself, not to suppress who you really are.

Everyone’s fashion journey is different but it should always be about having fun! I started out by adding colorful pins and patches to my clothes. For someone else, it could be ripping holes in their clothes for a more edgy look, starting again with a whole new wardrobe, or even just wearing a bolder lipstick color.  Again, everyone is different and you just have to find what works for you!

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Finally, remember that there are no rules on how you should dress, it’s all up to you and what you feel great in! I hope this article has helped inspire you to get creative and find your perfect personal style; so go on, I know you can do it!

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  • What a great read! Excellent article and so inspiring! I could agree more. Fashion should be all about fun and feeling good in what you are wearing!

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