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Fall & Winter Decor Ideas with Interior Decorator Jacqueline Onassis!

Fall & Winter Decor Ideas with Interior Decorator Jacqueline Onassis!

One of our favorite things is home decor, and this season we want to help everyone achieve all their luxurious fall and winter home decor goals! Whether you want to focus on one room or make changes to your entire space, now is the perfect time to start thinking about it. However, we know just how daunting of a task redesigning and decorating can be, so that’s why this week we sat down for an exclusive interview with interior decorator Jacqueline Onassis! She is the creator of Alluring Interiors and is a genius when it comes to luxury and seasonal trends. Keep reading to learn all her best decor tips and secrets!

Can you share with us a little about who you are and your background?

My name is Jacqueline Onassis-Forde. I am the Creative Director, The Lead Home Stylist and a Home Staging Instructor at Alluring Interiors, which is a full-service decor firm. I studied my craft at the Sheffield Interior Design School. I continued my education with The Haverhill Institute of Staging and Redesign and QC Design School. I am a Recipient of 2 Merit Awards, including Outstanding Performance! Fast forward in my career, we have been featured in multiple publications, recipient of multiple prestigious design awards as well as By Blacks People’s choice awards 2 years in a row. In a previous life, I was a Nursing Assistant at our local hospital in Ajax, Ontario, as well as a part-time sales associate at The Bombay Company. I’m an Aquarius and most importantly, a mother of 3 gorgeous children, Ashantee, Rayne, and Roger II.

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What inspired you to start your business?

As a child I dreamt of being an architect, however, I struggled with math. I fell into a career that was generational in my family. My grandma was a nurse and so was my mom, so therefore I followed in their footsteps. At the time of transition, I was a nursing assistant working towards my nursing certification. I worked in the Emergency Department as well as the Pediatrics Unit. I constantly found myself in patients’ rooms wanting to change the colour of the walls; wanting to add some cute Urban Barn side tables; a pair of Kate Spade lamps and it wouldn’t have been complete without a Brian Gluckstein ensemble from his Penthouse collection!

How did you get involved in the world of interior decorating?

So this question is an extension of the previous question for me.  After having my third child it hit me that I couldn’t live the rest of my life in such a depressing environment working in the hospital. Giving life to 3 beautiful souls was all the realization that I needed to know my passion – to create beautiful things, beautiful moments…beautiful spaces. I quit my job at the hospital & with vision proceeded into the direction of what I considered the consolation of my childhood dream. I would become an Interior Decorator.

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As a luxury interior decorator, what makes your business unique or different in comparison to others on the market? 

In the world of Home Staging and Interior Décor, there are no two companies alike. Alluring Interiors has composed a formula that works!  By combining a simple formula of bringing the best of Interior Decorating to Home Staging… that’s all. It’s that simple. I communicate feelings with visuals. I adore colour and use it to evoke a visual emotion. With our decor clients, we get to know them, understand them and encapsulate their lifestyles. From the clothing they wear, the food they eat and even the places they go, nothing is off limits. These methods have contributed to our success, which has allowed me to have decorated and staged millions of Real Estate annually. We are business-minded and driven by perfection. High-quality service and focusing on the details is the bare minimum.

Tell us about some of your favorite decor trends right now for Fall & Winter 2021!

I’m not sure I have a favourite design trend, to be honest. I’ve always prided myself on not following trends and really just enjoy producing well curated decor. I believe if you select decor pieces that you love it will never go out of style.

Image Provided by Alluring Interiors

Do you have any advice on how decor beginners can incorporate luxury pieces and staple items into their homes for the upcoming seasons?

As the seasons change, your home decor should change a bit too. It is very important that your staple pieces are transitional so that it makes it easy to incorporate seasonal items. The major key is to not over do it. Gear towards changing out seasonal colours and textures to transform your look through cushions, throws or bedding. The focus should be to create a feeling through your seasonal look.

In your opinion, what are the most common decor mistakes people can make? 

This is a great question! There are so many mistakes people unknowingly make, and it’s the correction of these simple things that makes all the difference. Something like hanging curtains and artwork at the incorrect height, harsh lighting, or even choosing the wrong rug size. However, selecting the wrong sofa has got to be at the top of my list. Your dream living room starts with a great sofa!

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As the creator of your very own successful interior decorating business, what’s something you love about your line of work?

As mentioned earlier on, I love finding inspiration in a variety of people and things. I am constantly inspired by different environments and my clients. I really believe in the method of getting to know them, understand them and dive deep into their lifestyle. These fine details make all the difference. Whether it’s the clothing they wear, the food they eat or the places they go – no client is the same! 

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Where would you like to see your business in the next 5 years? 

In the next 5 years I just want to continue growing! When you are an entrepreneur, growth never stops! In addition to our Interior Decor and Staging company, we have recently launched phases 2 and 3 of Alluring Interiors. We are so excited for people to enjoy Alluring Interiors Boutique and the Academy portion with our online staging course! Plus, Alluring Interiors also enjoys being educators at Career Day at our Durham high schools! These are all things we hope to continue in our future as a brand and allow others to enjoy as well. 

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Anything else you wish to add or share about your brand, successes & story? 

To succeed you need support! The one most important thing has to be SUPPORT! Especially the support of your family and friends. I also really believe in the power of aligning yourself with like-minded individuals. Find someone who knows more than you, someone you can learn from. My children give me life. My eldest daughter Ashantee who is an entrepreneur herself as a lash tech finds time and makes it a priority to check on the business, promote the business through social media and provide feedback with her artistic eye. It’s so awesome when my 18 year old daughter Rayne is in Home Sense or even the grocery store giving out my business cards! My 14 year old son Roger…well, he has no interest as yet! My senior assistants Johya King and Dawn Beaumont are my lifelines, literally my right and left hand in my business. My entrepreneurial sisters have been my biggest cheerleaders. We dream together, then kick butt together! Totally grateful for our strong connection and the energy we radiate as a team! Of course, don’t ever forget that there’s so much value in setting aside and enjoying non-working hours too. Work hard and play even harder!

Image Provided by Alluring Interiors

Thank you so much to Jacqueline for sitting down with us for this amazing interview! We had such a great time getting to learn more about luxurious interior decorating for the new seasons and your truly unique craft. Your wisdom and insight are just brilliant! Be sure to check out Jacqueline Onassis and her amazing brand Alluring Interiors for all your decorating needs!

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