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Fashionable Holiday Dresses for Every Occasion

Fashionable Holiday Dresses for Every Occasion

The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to get ready for all your upcoming events this season! It’s the perfect time to wear the dress you may have been saving for that special occasion. If you haven’t picked out a dress yet don’t worry because FBI STYLE is here to give you the best holiday dress ideas! Simple, elegant, and chic is the mood board we were going for the season. Except for one item on the list, all the dresses are reasonably priced for the design. However, some items will take up to 2 weeks for delivery so make sure you order them as soon as possible. 

White Dress

This dress is simple yet elegant. It’s perfect for dinner dates and special functions. Pair it with accessories like gold jewelry or pearls and a small clutch bag to create an amazing look with this dress. It’s a classic fit and can easily be paired with a pop of color or black to complement the simplistic style of the dress. 


Silver Dress

This silver dress has all the shimmer to ring in the new year or special holiday event! Pair this with little to no accessories and keep it simple with something like a clutch bag, as it’s the perfect fit for the holiday season. This dress may be the show-stopping look you need to go into the new year with a big bang! 


Little Black Dress

A little black dress like this goes well for almost any event for the holidays or a special occasion. Great for more casual events like work parties or family functions, as it’s a simple design with beautiful material. This little black dress is not too loud to take away from the simplicity of the design. You can pair it with all black or add a pop of color with the heels or clutch bag. 


Pink Dress

This pink dress is absolutely gorgeous and will definitely be a showstopper wherever you go this holiday season. It’s on the pricey side but, at least you can be assured you’ll be the only one with this dress wherever you go this holiday season. This dress is incredibly glamorous, and especially perfect for a high-end holiday event. Have fun and express yourself in this celebrity-inspired pink look!

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Gold Dress

This dress may be on the simpler side, but it is super elegant! This gold number is fitting for almost any holiday occasion. Little to no accessories are needed for this fit, as it stands out on it’s own. There is no need to experiment with new looks this holiday season either when you opt for this gorgeous number. This dress idea was carefully selected for a fashion lover that also wants a classic, comfortable look for their holiday inspired events! 


No matter what occasions you have coming this holiday season, we hope this list of dresses inspires you to get fashionable and creative with finding your perfect look! These are just a few of the many fun and playful styles you can try out. Be sure to let us know which dress you are most excited to wear this holiday season! 

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