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Finally, the perfect pair of tights.

Finally, the perfect pair of tights.

Finally, the perfect pair of tights

Are you someone who loves good quality tights but can’t seem to find the perfect pair for an affordable price? Well, look no further! Threads is a small business based in Toronto with the mission of providing high-quality tights at a fraction of the price that you would normally pay for tights. I had the pleasure of interviewing Xenia Chen, founder of Threads, to talk about her mission, journey, products and how was determined to help her community right at the start of the pandemic. 

Xenia comes from quite a background. She worked in investment banking and private equity for a few years and when she was in that industry Xenia was wearing tights and dress pants every day because it went along with her work wardrobe. She is also a huge fan of dresses. Over time Xenia became frustrated because she couldn’t find a brand that was good quality, comfortable and low price. The tights she did purchase there was always something missing, so she was not able to find the perfect pair. So she decided to take it upon herself to create a brand that had those exact qualities in a pair of tights that are comfortable, great quality and most importantly, affordable. 

Threads is dedicated to ensuring low prices and amazing quality when it comes to selling tights to consumers straight from their manufacturer in Italy. Their mission is to bring “high-quality staples to anyone who wears tights.” Xenia brought up a great point in the interview, she mentioned her surprise as to why there hasn’t already been a company to create such high-quality staples at an affordable price since so many people such as flight attendants, business people etc, wear tights every single day. It seems like such a simple concept, but it’s an important one. 

Early on in the pandemic in March of 2020, Xenia wanted to help her community so as a company they decided to use some of their production capacity to create masks. They launched Threads Help on April 4th – the same day health officials recommended that we wear masks making them one of the first companies to step up and help. Using the same idea as their tights, they wanted to make great quality masks for a low price to make them more accessible for everyone to purchase. To date, Threads Help has delivered over 30,000 masks to Canadians and has also donated 5,000 masks.

Their commitment to helping the community does not stop there. Since their beginning, Threads has been supporting Margaret’s, a charitable organization based in Toronto that helps women who are coming from homelessness or escaping situations of domestic violence. Another great way Threads gave back was most recently for PrideTO. They were a part of a community connect program where goodie bags were delivered to low-income, high-risk communities in Toronto. They donated a total of 2,500 masks to PrideTO – which is amazing! 

Giving back is incredibly important to Xenia and was at the core of Threads when she first started. “We’re in a very fortunate position to be able to start a company and when you are in that position it’s your duty to give back.” As an organization, they will continue to find new ways and organizations to support as it is one of their main pillars at Threads.

One part of the interview that stuck out to me is how involved Thread consumers are in the thought process and ideas behind the products. At the start of her business, Xenia sent out a survey asking people what they like about tights, what they don’t like, basically anything to do with purchasing a pair of tights. Her main idea with the survey is to find out what people want and based on that, create a product rather than the other way around. This is how they were able to create the perfect pair of tights!

Since they take customer feedback seriously and it is at the core of their products, Threads is now coming out with a men’s line. At the start of Threads, Xenia’s target audience was women. However, when they started getting a few purchases from men she talked to them to learn more about and find out the reason for their purchase (whether they were buying tights for someone else). Xenia soon realized they were buying the tights for themselves and also noticed the interest in tights for men. 

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I love how Xenia took the time to learn about the wants of consumers and turn that feedback into products that are needed. One of the major findings was men’s interest in tights and from that finding, Threads is coming out with an entire line focused on men – which is something that is not really seen or talked about in the industry. Join the waitlist on their website.

There is also a subscription plan where you can order 1 to 3 pairs of tights and it will come to you! Which is very convenient especially for those who constantly wear tights. Check it out on their website for more information. 

I had the opportunity to try out both their masks and tights and let me tell you – they are AMAZING! I’m someone who loves wearing tights and these are truly the perfect pair. The quality is great and fits perfectly.

Threads is an amazing company all around – from great quality products to helping out the community and more importantly for being inclusive. Although they are a small company, their impact is huge and is much needed now more than ever. Find the perfect pair of tights – you won’t regret it! 

Finally, the perfect pair of tights

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