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Five Natural Deodorant Brands You Should Consider

Five Natural Deodorant Brands You Should Consider

The deodorant industry, just like many others, is taking major steps to remain natural and eco-friendly. Switching deodorants can be a difficult decision, but making the change to a zero-waste deodorant is quite easy. The goal for a zero-waste product is to either produce a refillable package or a package that can be recycled or composted like paper. It is also called a circular product where nothing ends up in the landfills.

The change to a natural deodorant will not only be good for the environment but also for your body. It is always a good idea to try a couple of different scents to find what best suits your body or preference, but here are five natural deodorants that can be a great, eco-friendly switch for you.

1. Kaia Naturals – The Takesumi  Detox Charcoal Deodorant

Kaia Naturals’ deodorant line is the first-ever natural deodorant made with activated charcoal. It glides gently on the skin to remove toxins from the pores and fight odour-causing bacteria. It’s a great product for sensitive skin. The product is available in six different scents, including sakura blossom and lime mint, without any additions of synthetic fragrances.

Available at Kaia Naturals for $24 each, also available in travel-size packages for $10.

2. Agent Nateur – Holi (Rose) No.4 Deodorant

Holi (Rose) No.4 Deodorant by Agent Nateur, in partnership with Shiva Rose, is a blend of sacred sandalwood rose and fragrant rose essential oils. The other ingredients include plant butter that moisturizes and baking soda that keeps your underarms dry. It leaves you with an easy, gentle and stain-free application.

Available at The Detox Market for $34.

3. Routine Cream – Natural Deodorant

Routine Creams’ Natural Deodorant is a Canadian-made, natural product that is available in refillable glass jars. They have one of the widest ranges of zero-waste products with 20 different scents to choose from, including vegan formulas and baking soda-free options for sensitive skin types. Routine has recently collaborated with Canadian musician Hannah Georgas and created a luxury scent named after her album All That Emotion, in celebration of emotion. 

Available at Routine Cream for $33.60.

4. Myro – Refillable Deodorant

Myro offers its deodorant pods in a colourful and refillable case that is dishwasher safe; the pods are recyclable. It gives customers a subscription option to repurchase the pods, according to their needs, while also allowing them to choose different plant-based scents to fill their reusable case. The main ingredients in the deodorant that help control sweat and odour are barley powder, cornstarch, and glycerin.

Available at Myro Deodorant for $15 USD.

5. By Humankind – Refillable Deodorant

Another refillable natural deodorant to consider is created by the company By Humankind and uses ingredients that are derived naturally, including arrowroot powder and baking soda that help in absorbing moisture to keep you smelling fresh. They also offer a subscription or a one-time option. The company’s sustainability plan is three-tiered, beginning with the refillable deodorant containers in different colours, second is the refills that are made of biodegradable paper and a small amount of #5 polypropylene recyclable plastic and third is that the company is carbon neutral and participates in forest preservation programs.

Available at By Humankind for $15 USD.

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