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Great Things Don’t Come From Comfort Zones: 25 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

Great Things Don’t Come From Comfort Zones: 25 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

When it comes to journaling, you might think of a teenage girl writing about how she wished her crush would notice her. Or you might think of an author offering their thoughts on the world in a classic leather-bound notebook. However, journaling can be so much powerful. 

Journaling is simply about writing your thoughts, feelings, or goals into a notebook. While the act itself may seem simple, studies have shown a multitude of benefits such as stress management, increased self-esteem, and an improved immune system. Journaling is a creative way to express yourself as you navigate events in your life which can range from absolutely wonderful experiences to chaotic situations. Identifying emotions helps us understand who we are and paves the way for strong emotional management which results in us becoming more resilient.  

Journalising comes with emotional, physical, mental benefits. Afraid to stare at a blank page with absolutely nothing to say? Here are some writing prompts to help you get started:

  1. What story do you tell yourself about what you can accomplish?
  2. If fear was not a factor, what phase in your life would you currently be in?
  3. What is your ideal day?
  4. What place do you hope to visually see in your lifetime?
  5. What is something you want your future self to learn?
  6. If a meal described your personality, what would the dish be?
  7. What interpersonal skills do you hope to develop?
  8. How do you relax in a tense situation?
  9. What motivates you to achieve your goals?
  10. How are you becoming more honest about yourself?
  11. How do you identify when a habit is no longer serving you?
  12. What do the words scarcity and abundance mean to you?
  13. How do you approach things you fear?
  14. What role does acknowledgment play in achieving your goals?
  15. How are you acknowledging the wants and needs of your inner child?
  16. What song describes who you are striving to become?
  17. How do you work to understand what an emotion is telling you?
  18. What actions do you want to be remembered for?
  19. How do you find courage?
  20. What did you learn about yourself within the past year?
  21. What habits do you feel are self-sabotaging?
  22. What makes you feel fulfilled?
  23. What lessons could you teach someone else?
  24. What question would you ask someone who made you feel inadequate?
  25. What small step are you taking today to help you in the future
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