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Hair Tips from a Pro: Top Product Recommendations

Hair Tips from a Pro: Top Product Recommendations

“What do I use for my hair?!” 

With so many products out there, it’s too tough to decide, and too easy to go with what’s on sale at the nearest drugstore. Cheap or not, drugstore products may not be great for us, creating more hair-issues than we started with! 

Caring for our hair should be as important as caring for any other part of our body. It’s time to make hair products a priority, by knowing what’s out there and what’s good for us, individually. The best place to start is with advice from a professional hairstylist. 

Continuing the hair-care conversation with Salon Nuwd’s hair stylist Julia Prete, we picked her brain about her top hair product recommendations. Saved especially for her favourite clients, and now YOU, these brands are tried and true for your hair-care health! 

Moroccan Oil Thickening Lotion (for volume): It helps give hair the boost it needs to appear and feel thicker.

Milkshake Leave-In Conditioner: It’s great for people who have finer hair, who need some added moisture that doesn’t weigh down the hair.

Schwarzkopf Professional Dust It Powder: A little goes a long way! Simply apply some powder to where you want some volume, massage it in and it will add a ton of volume. You can also tease with this product, but for everyday use, it is definitely not needed. You can easily buy it from Amazon as well! 

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Refresh Dust Texture Bodifying Dry Shampoo: It’s great for days that you didn’t have time to wash your oily hair, but still need your hair looking voluminous and fresh. It can also be used on freshly-styled hair to give some texture to your look.

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, Julia also says you should “really know your hair type, and what it needs.

If your hair is super damaged and dry, you’re going to want to use something that is for repairing and hydrating; something to add an abundance of moisture into your hair shaft. Whereas, if you have thin, dry hair but not quite damaged, then using something like that will weigh down your hair drastically. She also suggests switching up your shampoos and conditioners because our hair is changing all the time. Has your hair been coloured recently? Use something more suited towards colour-treated hair, like purple shampoo. What about recent climate change (ahem, dry, winter hair, I’m looking at you)? Use something more moisturizing. 

More of Julia’s top recommendations: 

Hair Masks: “I think we should all be using hair masks!” She explained. “It doesn’t matter if our hair is super healthy, shiny, or super dry and dull. Our hair needs nutrients just like our bodies!” 

Leave-in conditioners: It’s said to be great for detangling hair when coming out of the shower. Julia says, “You’ll find super lightweight ones, which people with finer hair can use, and you’ll find thicker leave-ins, which people with super thick hair can use!” 

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Serum: Julia adds that we should be finishing off with a serum to help seal our cuticles and create that shiny, polished finish. 

Dry Shampoo: It is (surprisingly) recommended even by hairstylist professionals! They help absorb any additional hair oils we have when we can’t get to washing our hair. Julia is a firm believer in going as long as you possibly can without washing your hair (aim for once a week). “Our hair needs its natural oils! That’s why dry shampoo is a great alternative to constantly washing our hair,” she said. 

Mousses: It will help create a ton of volume for those who need it. Julia personally prefers super-lightweight mousses that don’t leave a tacky finish to your hair.

Lastly, Root boosting powders: They are also great for creating volume. Julia says, “A little goes a super long way, and most of the time you won’t even need teasing! Just sprinkle, shake or massage it in, and done!” 

“Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off.” – Julia Prete’s favourite, live-by quote 

Thank you, Julia, now I (and our readers) know what brands to look out for and what is worth investing in, as well as what to spend my holiday money on!

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