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Halloween 2021 is Creeping Up – These are the Popular Costume Trends!

Halloween 2021 is Creeping Up – These are the Popular Costume Trends!

October is a month full of beautiful fall colours, leaves slowly falling from trees, lots of layers and cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, scary movie marathons and of course, one of the most festive holidays of the year, Halloween! On Halloween, we get dressed up and spend the day/night showing off what costume we are pursuing or acting as. This costume is usually thought of, if not curated weeks and/or sometimes even months in advance. Like any seasonal fashion trend, Halloween carries its own trends every year. Unfortunately in 2020, Halloween was overlooked due to the pandemic, however, this is a new year and the world is finally returning to everyday life. With Halloween 2021 slowly creeping towards us, we want to share this year’s popular Halloween costumes to help give you inspiration, and ideas.

This Halloween we are seeing a ton of trends and inspiration from pop culture, as well as popular movies and television shows. You can expect to see a spike in costumes of the following characters or celebrities; Cruella De Vil, Squid Games, Space Jam, Scooby-Doo Crew, Jennifer’s Body, Lara Croft, Olivia Rodrigo, Harry Styles at the Grammys, Fairies, The Queen’s Gambit, Pulp Fiction, The Adams Family, Bridgerton, Britney Spears, Bratz, Money Heist and some Hollywood famous couples such as Bennifer (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez).

Squid Games via NETFLIX


Space Jam Jessica Lewis via Pinterest

Jennifer’s Body@linabugz via Instagram


Daphne & Velma @mathilda.mai via Instagram


Lara Croft via JennyRichFit Blog


Olivia RodrigoStephanie Kondo via YouTube


Harry Styles via Getty Images


Fairy@kendalljenner via Instagram


The Queen’s Gambit via Netflix


Bennifer Melissa Ortiz-Keane via Instagram


Wednesday Adams –  @misskofficial via Instagram


Pulp Fiction via Lace & Whimsy Blog


We will continue to see more of the classic costumes such as Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad), the Joker, Emily in Paris, Charlie’s Angels, Powerpuff girls, Sanderson Sisters, Spice Girls, Bonnie and Clyde, Sandy and Danny, and so much more!

 Sanderson Sisters @allenwaiserman via Instagram


Some fan favourites we can’t forget to mention are; Jenna Rink (13 Going on 30), Nurse (Blink 182), Baby Doll (Sucker Punch), Fembot (Austin Powers), Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill), Bellatrix (Harry Potter), Moira Rose (Schitt’s Creek), Daphne and Velma (Scooby Doo), Cher and Dionne (Clueless), Shark Boy and Lava Girl, Cosmo and Wanda, Kiss, Edward Scissorhands, Carrie Bradshaw, Elle Woods, Regina George, and of course some celebrities such as; Gwen Stefani, Selena, Bob Ross, Dolly Parton, Cher, and Elton John.

Clueless – Lupita Nyong via Getty Images


There are a variety of options when deciding what to dress up as for the upcoming Halloween season! If you are looking to keep it simple this year, you can never go wrong with a go-to classic and minimal Halloween costume like an angel, devil, vampire, witch, skeleton, etc.. No matter what you dress up for this year, have fun, stay safe, and happy haunting!

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