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How To Find Comfort In Your Stay-At-Home Style

How To Find Comfort In Your Stay-At-Home Style

Is quarantine messing with your love for fashion? It’s time to put an end to that. While so much about fashion has to do with going out, being around others, showing off your outfit and expressing your personality through clothing, there are still a few easy ways you can share your style with the world—from the safety of your own home.

These days, the latest trend in fashion is comfort. If quarantine makes you want to never leave your bed, there’s nothing wrong with that, but the key to always staying comfortable and avoiding feeling sluggish is to make sure you’re comfortable in the clothes you wear at home. From sweatpants to selfies, check out these style and expression tips that will bring a little bit of life to stay-at-home fashion and how they just might help you become a little more at home in your own skin.

Get Comfortable In Your Clothing

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all at least spent an entire twenty-four hours never getting out of our sweatpants at least once since quarantine started, and that’s great. If sweatpants make you feel comfortable and most at-home, then spend all day in joggers! However, if you love wearing jeans or prefer shorts or leggings, then there’s nothing holding you back from slipping them on to begin your day at home. 

The act of getting dressed can push you to continue your daily routine, and choosing the clothes that make you feel the most comfortable will help you move about your day and feel better too. When it comes to what you wear, it’s totally up to you. For some people, it’s pajama shorts and for others, it’s a sports bra. The beauty of style is you get to choose. Choose comfort, and quarantine won’t feel like a sluggish blur of time.

Love What You Wear

Whoever said you can’t dress with style just because you’re at home was mistaken. Your style and personality shine through in so many ways in your living space. The way you decorate your room, how you organize your closet and the colours you’ve painted your wall reveals a little bit of your style. Why not extend that expression to the clothes you wear at home?

You can wear worn-out pajamas to bed every night and stay in them all day long, or you can wake up when you feel like it and put on a new pair of sweatpants and your favorite oversized band tee to help you to not only feel more comfortable but more like yourself. There’s nothing wrong with wearing sweats all day, but loving the brand, material, and even colours that you choose to wear will go a long way when trying to feel a bit more confident and excited about living in your clothing.

Pretend You’re Still Going Out

One thing that a lot of people don’t realize about fashion or clothing is that the simple action of  getting dressed can fall under “self-care.” When you take care of your appearance, you are taking care of yourself, and it’s okay if you don’t have the energy to get dressed up today—but after a few weeks, it’s easy to feel gross or sluggish after not feeling presentable because you’ve been stuck inside all day. The great thing is you have the power to change that.

While it’s safer to stay at home right now, get dressed as if you were still going out! If you get ready in the morning, dress as if you’re going to spend your day outdoors and running errands or whatever you normally do. If you suddenly have a burst of energy to get ready in the late afternoon, pretend as if you’re heading to a night out on the town. Self-care also includes putting on makeup and doing your hair. After a few days of being lazy, putting in just a bit of effort into your appearance can improve your mood, and boost your self-esteem!

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Dress For Yourself

As tough as times are these days, one positive thing about being home so often is that you can dress for yourself. Dressing to impress has flown out the window when there’s no one to go out and show off your outfit to, however, fashion doesn’t always have to be about impressing others. Use your time at home as a time to reinvent yourself and explore new styles. No one is around to judge you! It’s the perfect time to try on outfits you’ve never tried before. Your style is yours. Don’t be afraid to experiment with clothing, and if you don’t like what you try, sweatpants are always there to go back to.

Share Your Style … Because You Want To

Keep in mind that while you should wear the things you love because you love them, you can still share your style but do it because you want to. It’s no question that social media can sometimes feel like a competition to “look the best” or “be the most Instagram-worthy” but sharing your new-found sense of style that you’re comfortable can still be a great form of self-expression. The easiest and safest way to do it these days is by using social media, and just like your fashion and wardrobe, post because you want to. Take pictures in ways that make you feel comfortable, confident, and empowered—and share them if you want to. Your style, and more importantly worth, isn’t measured by a number of “likes.” Your style is something only you have created and no one can take that away from you.

It’s important to approach styling, self-care, and social media sharing from a place of your level of comfort. Do it because you want to, and nobody’s approval will sway the way you feel about yourself in your own skin and clothing. Doing so will also help you to boost your mood and confidence, making you feel as creative and comfortable during quarantine thant you’ve ever been.

Have you tried out these style tips at home? Let us know what worked for you in the comments down below!

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