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How to Have Great Hair, Beautiful Nails and a Radiant Smile

How to Have Great Hair, Beautiful Nails and a Radiant Smile

Everyone likes to have a little glitz and glam in their life. From their nails to their hair to their teeth, it’s okay for people to like to dress up their look. In the end, all anyone is trying to do is be the best version of themselves and if that involves gel nails, ombré hair and bleached teeth, then more power to them. They are just living their best life. Three Best Rated® sits down with an award-winning hairdresser, award-winning nail salon and award-winning cosmetic dentist to see what they suggest to throw a little fabulous all over our lives.

Five Tips to Keep Hair Looking Fabulous

1. Get Frequent Trims

Everyone has gone through a period where they swear their hair isn’t growing. Usually, the ends are dry and rough to the touch when it’s time for a trim.

“If you find that your hair isn’t ‘growing’ or it’s been the same length for a while, it’s because the ends are dead and breaking off. If you get frequent trims, your ends will be healthy which means your hair will get longer.”

Victoria Li of Victoria’s Glam & Beauty

2. Use Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner can work wonders for a person’s hair. This will help protect the hair from getting heat damaged from any styling tools.

“Use a leave-in conditioner that has heat protection. Spray the leave-in conditioner on damp hair after you wash it, then mix a moisturizing hair cream with oil and work it in your hair and style it as usual.”

Victoria Li of Victoria’s Glam & Beauty

3. Avoid Heat

“The more heat you use on your hair, the more damaged your hair will be,” explains Victoria. It’s a good idea to let hair air dry if there is time, or dry it with cool air instead. Always use a form of heat protection if heat is unavoidable. Even hot water in the shower can cause heat damage, so it’s usually a good idea to use warm water instead (plus hot water is bad for skin also).

4. Use a Hair Mask

Using a hair mask is an excellent way to pamper hair. Hair masks contain ingredients that nourish and repair hair leaving healthier, stronger hair. Plus, it makes a great addition to mini spa days.

“Use a hair mask once a week. Hair masks usually have a thicker consistency than conditioner so it will allow the products to absorb into the hair rather than slip right off like conditioner.”

Victoria Li of Victoria’s Glam & Beauty

5. Have Realistic Hair Goals

This is probably one of the most important tips out of all of them. “If you’re planning to change your hair colour from dark to light, please be patient.” Victoria warns, “Nothing is worth jeopardizing the integrity of your hair.” Everyone knows at least one person who just couldn’t wait to dye their hair blonde and ended up with frizzy, uneven-toned hair instead of silky platinum hair. It is extremely hard to recover damaged hair, but a lot easier to prevent the damage. “Most of the time, your goal will not be achievable in one session and it will cost a lot of money,” Victoria says. “You will thank your stylist when your hair is still healthy.”

Three Nails to Rock Your World

1. Bio Gel

“If you want a natural looking nail, bio gel is the way to go,” Mani N Nails says. Bio gel is also great for those who have weak or damaged nails due to the nutrients added to it.

“[Bio gel] strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails.”


Like UV gel nails, bio gel is cured through a UV light. According to biosculpturegel.com, it results in a strong but flexible nail. The downside? Bio gel nails can be fairly pricey.

2. Solar Gel and UV Gel

“This is a type of powder gel,” explains Mani N Nails. “They are stronger, but can still achieve a natural look.” Solar gel and UV gel nails are cured using a UV lamp and results in a strong, hard nail. It is usually more expensive but they cure faster than acrylic nails, according to Aprill Coleman of moreBEAUTY.

“There is no odour, and gel nails can easily be removed with no damage to the nail bed by soaking in acetone.”

Aprill Coleman of moreBEAUTY.

3. Acrylic

“Acrylic is the cheapest in price and is made from powder,” says Mani N Nails, “This is a great option for customers that have a smaller budget.” Acrylic nails are the traditional fake nails everyone knows and loves. It typically is cured through air drying. Acrylic is a very strong substance, making it perfect for nails.

“The biggest benefit of acrylic nails is durability, [however,] acrylics also emit a very strong smell during the application process.” Aprill Coleman of moreBEAUTY

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Three Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures to Dazzle the World

1. Teeth Whitening

It’s true that no one naturally has perfectly white teeth; anyone with pearly white teeth uses teeth whitening procedures. “Over time, natural wear causes tiny micro-fractures to form [on your enamel],” says Dr. Andre Bisson of Bisson Dentistry. “These fractures trap pigments strains and other debris that can lead to discoloration.”

Over-the-counter whiteners usually just don’t cut it. “While they may be affordable, they contain very low levels of bleaching agents,” says Dr. Bisson. “They rarely help you to achieve the results you are looking for and often take a long time to even see a minor difference in the color of your teeth.”

Instead, he recommends going to a local cosmetic dentist. At Bisson Dentistry, they have take-home trays to allow their patients to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home. They use impressions of the patient’s teeth to create custom trays. If a beauty lover wants comfort and results, there’s no better way than their cosmetic dentist.

2. Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are used to cover small dental imperfections like chips, gaps, discoloration or even misshapen teeth. Veneers can be made from a variety of materials, but Dr. Bisson prefers porcelain. “Porcelain … can mimic the light reflection properties of enamel. This provides a much more natural appearance,” he says. “Porcelain is also stronger than composite resin and can last much longer.” Typically, veneers will take two visits, with a wait time of up to about two weeks in between. Some cosmetic dentists, like Bisson Dentistry, have the software and technology to do it in the office as a same-day procedure. “We take a digital impression of your mouth. The images … provide us with exact one-to-one measurements,” Dr. Bisson says. “With the help of specialized software, we can custom design a perfectly fitting porcelain veneer … As soon as the design is completed, the information is sent to an in-office milling machine, where your veneers are created.” Porcelain veneers also are stain resistant, won’t irritate the gums and look almost identical to natural teeth.

3. Dental Bonding

Dental bonding a great alternative to porcelain veneers. It is used to cover minor imperfections such as chips, gaps, discoloration or misshapen teeth. “Dental bonding is one of the most affordable options for correcting imperfections in the teeth,” Dr. Bisson says. “The procedure is quick, often taking less than an hour to complete.” The dentist will clean and dry the tooth before putting an acid etch to the enamel. This creates a rough texture. After washing and drying the tooth again, they will apply the composite resin to the tooth. It is cured through a special light and buffed to give it a shine.

“Dental bonding is the least-invasive restoration option and does not require any enamel to be removed from the surfaces of your teeth. It will be able to stand up to most normal daily use.”

Dr. Andre Bisson of Bisson Dentistry

SOURCE: Three Best Rated

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