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How to Make Your Summer Sleep Care Routine Glamorous

How to Make Your Summer Sleep Care Routine Glamorous

How to Make Your Summer Sleep

This summer is all about self-care and improving our health and wellbeing! Now is the perfect time to elevate your night time routine before the season ends. Check out these six easy steps you can incorporate before bed for a glamorous self-care experience! 

Elevate Your Skincare

Show your skin some much needed TLC with Balm Skin Co. This all-natural beauty brand has tons of high quality products. All of which are formulated with the best natural ingredients so your skincare routine can be quick, easy and simple without all the unnecessary hassle. For flawless skin, try their Balm Quartet package! Guaranteed to achieve results in 7 to 10 days, this bundle features a pH Balancing Cleanser, Rosemary Lavender Purifying Toner, Mango’Shea Hyaluronic Face Cream and Rosehip Hydrating Facial Serum. Get the ultimate night time skincare routine by cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing your way to healthy and glowing skin!

Try Aromatherapy 

If you struggle with falling asleep or taking the time to properly wind down in the evening, aromatherapy might be what you need to get in the perfect self-care mood. Light your favourite calming candle an hour before you want to go to bed or add lavender essential oils into a diffuser to fill your room with relaxing scents. Many people find the soothing effects of lavender to be a great way to help them unwind and ultimately make it easier to fall asleep. Utilizing relaxing scents is such an easy way to elevate your evenings and achieve a more glamorous night time routine! 

How to Make Your Summer Sleep

Incorporate Silk

One of the biggest problems with our sleep habits is that we are too connected to our phones and other digital devices. At night, it’s super easy to lose track of time on our devices when we’re bored or can’t sleep. A great way to ensure you stay off your phone is to try a sleep mask! There’s nothing quite as glamorous or luxurious as silk, so this is a great product to help elevate your sleep care routine. It’s cooling and calming on the eyes and will do a much better job at blocking out unwanted distractions. It might take some time to adjust to the feeling of sleeping with an eye mask on, but you’ll be doing your health a big favour by getting into better sleep habits!

How to Make Your Summer Sleep


Read for 10 Minutes 

A great way to ensure you stay off your device and connect with yourself more in the evening is to read, even if it’s just for 10 minutes before bed! If you’re like me, I have a super busy schedule and often don’t have time in my day to read recreationally. Adding it into your evening routine is a perfect way to wind down, relax and take a step back from the commotion of the day or even the week ahead. Reading is a fantastic way to help you fall asleep easier and prioritize more downtime. If you’re in need of a book recommendation, check out our recent article on the best books for summer 2021

How to Make Your Summer Sleep


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Purchase a Weighted Blanket

Take this as a sign to finally swap out your old blanket and make the investment in a weighted one! The phenomenal technology behind these comfy and cozy weighted blankets can help reduce feelings of anxiety, stress, and are the perfect way to make your sleep care routine more glamorous. The unique, weighted design feels like a constant, comforting hug, and will ultimately help you fall asleep faster. While some might say these blankets are a bit too thick for summer, the fall and winter seasons are just around the corner, so this is definitely the best time to purchase one! 

How to Make Your Summer Sleep

Listen to Guided Meditations 

Finally, one last thing you can do to make your summer sleep care routine more glamorous is to try listening to guided meditations before bed! Check out the Shine App for the best-guided meditations that feature a wide variety of BiPOC voices, writers and creators. Shine has tons of different categories and lengths to cater to your night time routine. Depending on what you struggle with, you can find meditations to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety or help you wind down to fall asleep easier. Let a guided meditation be the last part of your summer sleep care routine to create the best self care habits for yourself! 

Be sure to try incorporating these six easy self care tips into your evenings for a more glamorous summer sleep care experience! We all deserve to be more relaxed, happy and healthier when it comes to prioritizing our sleeping habits and overall wellness. Let us know which of these tips you’ll be trying first! 

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